Classroom Birthday Picture Chart {Free Printable}

The baby’s delightful teaching team asked me to help them out with their classroom birthday chart and I was excited to help. I mean, that’s a job for me if there ever was one! :-)
DSC_0152 copy

You’ll need:Standard sized poster boardPrintable file (follows)Camera / photosScissors / Paper cutter (affiliate link)



Here’s how:

1. Print and cut the day of the month cards in the downloadable file. Group the kids by month and have them each hold the card for their birthdate. Take a picture for each month and print.

DSC_0118 copy copy

2. Print and cut the pages for the months (measure 1×6” when cut) and the big BIRTHDAYS letters at the top of the page. I added dragonflies to mine since that is their class mascot.

3. Glue the letters and months to your poster and laminate.

4. Tape the pictures to the laminated board to finish!

photo copy
And you will have a fun, personalized birthday chart that can be used each year!! Kids adore seeing pictures of themselves and Whit was so excited to tell me everyone’s names and call out their birthdays.
You can find the printable file here. I printed mine on regular white cardstock.

Happy crafting, y’all!!


18 thoughts on “Classroom Birthday Picture Chart {Free Printable}

  1. Lauryn – So that it can be reused next year I laminated after gluing all the month headers and Birthdays on the top. Then I taped the pictures on top last. I laminated at Lakeshore. Costs maybe $2.

    1. The teachers handled it, but I believed they just took a new photo. I left them the number cards to use.

  2. Hi I love this but it’s bit bringing me to the link to print. Can you send it to my email by any chance?

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