Hey Y’all

I have coveted Stephanie Creekmur’s gold foil Hey Y’all! print for eons.  I mean, it’s just plain good.  And the gold foil is just the perfect smidge of glitz that I am drawn towards when choosing accessories.


August 2014 271 copy

Well, do y’all remember my ramblin’ on about my new fabulous friend Krystine Edwards from Haven Conference?!?  You know, the one that Paige and I ran around with for three days laughing till our sides split…

photo 2 (2)

…well, imagine my surprise and delight when she gave me the very same Hey Y’all print at the end of the conference!!  First things first, I dusted off an old white frame and gave it a few coats of Rub ‘n Buff in Gold Leaf.  It’s pure perfection with the gold foil.  I test drove it in a few spots around the house and it finally landed in the baby’s room (see the whole shebang here).  The gold leaf on Catherine Lovett’s crab and the gold on the print just went together.  It was like a choir of angels broke out and candy fell from the ceiling when placed it on his bedside table.

August 2014 278 copy

And every single time it catches my eye, I can’t help but smile at the fun times we had last month.  We need a reunion STAT…

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10 thoughts on “Hey Y’all

  1. Imo, your blog is like candy falling from the ceiling. The room looks lovely. You're such an inspiration. I always look forward to reading your blog each day. Thank you!

  2. Love that print! I am thinking of ordering one to put in my downstairs office where I have gradually been adding some touches of gold. It looks fantastic in Whit's room. Perfect spot. And, I can just envision him saying it too!!
    Paige's desk transformation and organization is AMAZING!! I took away so many great ideas even for this empty nester.

  3. "Y'ALL" are too much! That is the perfect spot! Watching you and the girls was a kick this summer! Paige, in those glasses, is still funny. :)

    And Stephanie, above, is right…your blog really is "candy falling from the ceiling!"

    Jane, San Diego

  4. I adore the print,and the gold is perfect. I have "something" (not sure what to call it) on my kitchen wall that I put together with a vinyl "Bon Appetit" in fancy script writing and "Y'all" in wooden letters. I am thinking I need to place a frame around the wording, but as of yet, it is just stuck, literally, on my wall. Bon Appetit Y'all !!!!!

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