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It’s terribly hard to believe that another school year is upon us!  The littles carried these little chocolate filled chalkboard topped treat jars to meet their new teachers…
August 2014 073 copy
August 2014 063 copy
The baby was thrilled to find out he will be with Mrs. H – the very same teacher that he worked with for his entry assessment a few weeks ago.  She took the time to make him feel right at home, managing to uncover that they both have a penchant for the backstroke, in such a short little meeting :-)  I immediately adored her and feel about ten thousands time more comfortable knowing that my baby will be under her love, care and guidance when he trots off to school on the first day.


August 2014 067 copy

As for big brother, it was all old hat.  He confidently walked into his third grade classroom, offered his hand and introduced himself to Mrs. M.  Mrs. M adores chocolate (in a totally over the top I LOVE CHOCOLATE kind of way!) and was thrilled to receive her little treat jar.


The precious little chalkboard topped jars are from my dear friend M’s new site – That Southern Chick.  She is genuinely one of the kindest, most thoughtful person I have the pleasure of knowing AND is mommy to these two movie stars (PLUS two more)!!  We have far too many things in common, including deep love for Disney, Lilly Pulitzer, monograms, Georgia Tech and all things Southern.  Our Honeys get nervous every time we talk for fear of what we’re cooking up next :-)

August 2014 051 copy

I created the little tags on “loose leaf paper” to attach the jars.  I figure they would be darling filled with just about anything!!

August 2014 054 copy

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We are all looking forward to a “sweet” year and, after meeting Mrs. M and Mrs. H, I’d say we’re off to a really super start!

August 2014 057 copy

On top of meet and greet, I also did the school bus practice ride-a-long with the baby!! He decorated his face so well with “war paint” that Honey thought I did it.  LOL.  He was very quiet on the ride and, since Mr. R had the kids sit up front and parents in the back, I didn’t get to chat with him.  When we got off back at home I asked him what he thought… keep in mind he’s been at the bus stop morning and afternoon for three whole years waiting for his turn… “Well, I thought it would be red and green and purple inside.  And very fun.  But everything black and brown.  It’s just not what I thought.”  Bless his heart!  Sweet boy has been envisioning rainbows and unicorns and candy falling from the ceilings all these years.  Welcome to the real world angel.

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Happy back to school!!!

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7 thoughts on “Meet the Teacher {Free Printable}

  1. Sweet little W's thoughts on the bus, I'm sorry it didn't live up to his expectations! Hopefully it will be more fun once he's on it more!

  2. What great news to hear that Whit is off to a good start, even though the bus isn't quite as he pictured! I started reading your blog when John was in kindergarten and cannot believe this day has already arrived! They both look so handsome and your gift jars are quite charming. Enjoy the weekend!

    Jane ~ San Diego

  3. I cannot believe that Whit is already going to kindergarten! It feel as if I was just reading about John starting kindergarten. I love how you bring treats to their teachers. I am sure that they greatly appreciate it.

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