School’s in Session Shindig

There’s nothing we love more around here than a little celebration.  And if the first day of school isn’t case for a special snack then I don’t know what is!  These two were all smiles when they disembarked the bus and I funneled them straight to the back porch.

As I briefly mentioned in my first day of school recap yesterday, I was thrilled to come home from Rosemary and find a huge, fun-filled box with everything needed for a super fun shindig compliments of Trix and Little Miss Party.  I immediately knew all the fixin’s would be perfect for our first day snack.


The box not only included a few boxes of cereal, but the amazing confetti filled balloon, paper shreds, milk bottles, straws, napkins, bowls, confetti, cards and recipes.  Paired with my Brownyn Hanahan school bus door hanger, Happy Everything plate with school bus attachment, two cute school bus treat buckets (Target dollar spot) and other things I already had around the house, it was a colorful and festive way for the boys to come home!!

I prepared a variety of little treats knowing how much my kids love a buffet, so to speak.  (They get this from their Daddy who loves a wedding buffet more than any meal on the planet.)

I wrapped tiny Ball jars with washi tape and filled with a little bit of ranch and veggies…

We gobbled up the Fruity Trix Popcorn and washed it all down with lemonade…

When I cut out our snowflake cookies for the FROZEN party, I froze a few ABC’s just for today.  A little bit of icing and some Trix made them super festive in a snap…

In my push pop tubes I froze strawberry greek yogurt and a dab of cool whip with Trix between the layers and on top.  These were favorites and I will definitely make them again…

And since no school celebration would be complete without juicy red delicious apples, I made sure to set aside a few just for today after my weekend grocery run…

The boys went wild for everything on the menu, and it was all pretty easy to pull together with just a little prep earlier in the day.

I used my dollar bin letter magnets again for the snack to spell out back to school.  Now is the only time I ever see them at Target so pick up a few packs if you want them!

Not only does our annual first day of school snack let the boys know just how much I loved them and missed them, but it is a great way to distract them into actually telling me the details of their day.  Since my Trix party box came with a deck of cards, I was inspired to put together some thought starters in a little After School Talk Free Printable.  We went through the entire deck during our snack and I learned more than ever before about their days.  In fact, we used it again at dinner so that Honey could get in on all the fun!


I learned more than ever before about their first days of school!!  Whit adores his teacher, made one friend named Zachary and thinks recess is the best part of Kindergarten.  John thinks writing will be extra hard in third grade and made “at least 14 new friends.”

Fruity Trix Popcorn
Serves 2
1 bag popped popcorn (3.5oz-ish)
2 cups Trix cereal
1T. butter
1T. honey
2T. sugar
1/2 tsp Kool Aid (we used Tropical Punch)

Preheat oven to 300.  Combine popcorn and Trix in a large bowl.  In a microwave safe bowl, combine butter, honey, sugar and cereal.  Heat 30sec – 1min or until bubbling.  Stir well.  Pour over popcorn mixture and stir to coat evenly.  Pour onto parchment lined baking sheet and bake for 5 minutes.  Break into pieces and pour into bowl.

I’m already looking forward to our next cause for celebration.  Hope y’all had/have a wonderful start to the school year too!!

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23 thoughts on “School’s in Session Shindig

  1. I printed these off and will tuck them in the favors for the mothers who are coming to my "kids are back to school brunch" for mommies next Monday… thanks so much…in fact the favors are also an idea from your blog…the "Just add ice cream" waffle bowls and toppings…love your blog…great ideas…Kristen, Jacksonville Fla

  2. I adore how you encourage us to make the everyday special by adding a spoonful of sugar. These days seem to be so busy just running from one thing to another your posts remind me to enjoy it! I love stopping by your blog for a good dose of positivity and fun!

  3. Your energy level must be amazing!! I love, love your blog! If my kids weren't college age I'd copy everything!! Cathy

  4. Such a cute afterschool party…I have fun trying to adapt your ideas to my college age kids…lol…they too like to graze at the buffet table.

  5. I love that you do these things! I'm sure I must sound like a broken record to you but you're creating such precious memories with them. I so wish more parents would do so rather than have them watching TV, phones, etc.

    The snowflake cookies were adorable! I honestly thought you had purchased them from a bakery and now you show the darling ABC's. Is there anything you can't do? :)

    Thanks so much for sharing all your celebrations!


  6. Awesome celebration for your cuties! At what point does the Kool Aid mix go into the recipe? I can't wait to try it out on my little guys:-). Thanks for the great ideas!

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