Labor Day

Labor Day for me and three of my besties kicked off before the rooster crowed this morning. After two attempted races together, we FINALLY were able to complete one (the whole third time’s a charm I suppose)!! And it was extra sweet because we ran the 5k for Autism Awareness in honor of bestie M’s sweet son.


photo 1 (11)

She made us the darling puzzle ribbon and glitter monogrammed shirts for the occasion!

photo 4 (7)

It was so humid out, it was like running through soup. We were all sweaty at the end, but crossed the finish line together and really had so much fun!!

photo 5 (6)

And what could make the morning sweeter?! Why, celebrating our accomplishment over breakfast at Waffle House. :-)

photo (2)

I was home before Honey was even out of bed for the day. I rallied the troops and we hit the club for the last big blowout of the summer. Impromptu ice bucket challenges and all.


And now we’re all laying around in jammies trying to figure out who is going to make din din tonight. I hope y’all are enjoying a lovely Labor Day!


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