Minnie’s Bow-tique

Like my DIY fabric covered mouse ear headbands, this is a fun little project that I’ve had on my mind for ages.  While in Disney, I am never without my ears.  But since the red bow they came with didn’t always match my outfits, I’ve been wanting to make my own sort of Minnie’s Bow-tique.

June 2014 158 copy

I started with this headband that I picked up in the parks a few years back.  After carefully snipping off the red sequin bow with tiny sharp scissors, all that was needed was a little piece of black elastic, a needle and thread, mini hair clips and ribbons for new bows.  (I found these clips in a set at Michael’s on sale for $2 for six.  They were perfectly tiny and I just pulled off the butterflies, bows and flowers before using.)  I had the idea to do it this way, because this is exactly how Mother has fashioned all of CeeCee’s head bands and interchangeable bows!

June 2014 155

I cut a length of elastic sized to wrap around the top of the headband.  I used a simple stitch to close it into a loop.

June 2014 163

All that you need to do now is slip the top of the clip through the bottom of your bows and then clip it onto the elastic loop!

June 2014 161

June 2014 162

I cannot wait to sport my Tink inspired bow, pink bow and silver glitter bow on our trip to the most magical place on earth!!  Aaaaannnnddddd, because I have a hard time leaving well enough alone, I’ve since added a bandana bow (for Mickey’s Backyard BBQ) and a Lilly Pulitzer bow in the Lobstah Roll fabric.  *squeal*

DSC_0244 copy   I am literally over.the.moon. with the Lilly lobstah roll bow because Mother made me this absolutely, positively, completely precious and preppy tank in the same pattern to go with patchwork shorts.  It is hard to tell, but the mouse head is sequined.  Hello, lover…   DSC_0009 copy

I expect I’ll be adding even more to the collection over time!!

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9 thoughts on “Minnie’s Bow-tique

  1. Your headbands are terrific and so easy. And your mom's matching, sequined ears add the perfect touch to the darling top!

    Bringing Minnie and Lilly's zest for life together is pure genius. Well done, ladies! Love it all!

    Jane ~ San Diego

  2. SUCH a good idea!!!! thank you for sharing with the tutorial! I am def doing this when i go to disney! xx PS love your lilly!

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