The Cutest Little Bows

Is anyone else out there noticing that I seem to be developing a bow addiction. I suppose there are worse problems in the world. I used to spend my time before Disney trips dreaming up cute little outfits and treats for the littles. And while I still do the treat part, we already have a bunch of Disney shirts and they are / are close to outgrowing the appliques. So, this go round I’ve delighted in finding and making a few cute little things for ME! And most of those seem to involve bows.


This all happened when I went down a rabbit hole in Instagram one day and found this gal making precious Disney inspired bows. Before I knew it, I was on etsy and had a whole bunch of them from a couple of different sellers in my buggy. The larger size are hair bows (that can also be attached to my Minnie’s Bow-tique headband!) and the smaller ones go on the Magic Band.

DSC_0250 copy

The first set came from Lady Bird Bows. She has loads of designs, ships quickly and was a pure pleasure to work with. I loved the special touches she adds to her pieces – the pearls, pom poms, lace and embellishments. I don’t have enough days in Disney to wear all of these but she had a sale and I couldn’t resist!! There are more out there that I had to save for later!

Anna, Maleficent, Cinderella, Alice, Pirates of Caribbean

DSC_0247 copy

The second set came from Dumbow Shoppe. The owner was truly amazing to work with and custom designed the Rapunzel bow and matching band bow for me and had everything shipped in two days. Her shop is relatively new, but her craftsmanship, creativity, communication and attention to detail is just unmatched. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with this shop and I look forward to collecting more of her pieces!!!

Rapunzel, Mickey, Peter Pan

DSC_0249 copy

Little miss CeeCee Lilly Bit was visiting when they came in the mail so I had to try them on her.



As far as the Magic Band bows pictured at the top of the post, all but Rapunzel were ordered months ago from a shop that has since closed. I know that Dumbow Shoppe was able to make the Rapunzel mini to match the regular size and she can do it for the others too. I’d be willing to bet Lady Bird can pull it off too. If you’re curious, they attach with a little elastic band.

DSC_0245 copy

I literally searched to the end of etsy for these bow makers. I had ten thousand windows open and poured through countless sellers and designs. I narrowed down to these two shops and couldn’t be happier or more excited with their work!!!

Happy shopping, y’all!

Lady Bird Bows
Dumbow Shoppe

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6 thoughts on “The Cutest Little Bows

  1. Those bows are really cute, but that little doll stole the show! I just want to pinch her cheeks and pick her up and not let her down! She is heaven!
    Love, Marme

  2. Those are just darling and that Ceecee is just precious! I made so many bows over the years for little girls. The grandgirls are just now feeling like they have "outgrown" them.

    I love them-always have. My girls ALWAYS wore bows to school. xo Diana

  3. You're making me crazy over here!!! She is so, so sweet.

    On another note, since I'm not on InstaGram, I'll ask here: If Slightly Coastal keeps it all inside, can I have the porch? ;)

    Jane ~ San Diego

  4. Speaking of InstaGram…. Yaaaay on the mouse ears!!!
    All is normal in the world tonight! :)
    You look darling!
    Have a safe trip home.

    Jane ~ San Diego

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