Lilly for Target

Ladies… hold on to your Murfee’s and kick up your McKim’s… last night the news broke that Target’s next limited-edition designer collaboration is with none other than my very favorite Lilly Pulitzer. I can’t even…



The collection debuts on April 19 and features 15 exclusive prints that are seriously some of the best I’ve seen!!!! *squeal* It’s a 250-piece collection including clothes, accessories and shoes for ladies and minnies, as well as home decor, outdoor accessories, beach gear and SO MUCH MORE!!! 200 of the items are under $30, with prices ranging from $2-$150. EEK!!!

Can you even handle these pom-pom embellished beach umbrellas and loungers?!?!



I am head over heels for this print…


The table wares are just too good. I’ve been hoarding melamine plates and just scored some fabric napkins at the After Party but I NEED these pom-pom placemats.



And the shoes. Oh, the shoes!!!!!!!!!! I feel like their last few collections were really lacking in this department so I’m really swooning over these…


… AND THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




The scarves are so fun. Dying over the tassel fringe.


And the little cross bodies in the far left corner…


The clothing is just as good, y’all.



I mean, I must get my hands on a pair of these… They are some of the cutest shorts I’ve ever seen come out of Lilly!! (Aside from the Buttercups which are too good to be true.)


…and for CeeCee… DYING…


I cannot even begin to fathom the mayhem that is going to break out at Target come April 19. You can follow along on Instagram as more of the collection is revealed. They had 30,000 followers mere hours after the news was announced. I feel like I’ll be lucky to get my hands on just ONE piece! Ahhhh….

*color me excited*

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26 thoughts on “Lilly for Target

  1. My heart was beginning to race as I read your post. I love Lilly!!! I vote for camping out at Target the night before the release. I would love to get some of the dinnerware & a scarf & maybe a pillow or two. Who am I kidding, I could clean out the Lilly section of Target. Look out Target, here come the wild Lilly Lovers!

  2. I informed my husband last night that if that Lilly hammock is indeed for real, I will be NEEDing it to ease the transition over to the big 4-0 the next day. This year, my birthday really does come one day early! Already counting down… :)

  3. I predict a storming of the doors AND a crash of their online servers. I just put a reminder on my phone…as if I'd forget a momentous occasion such as this!

  4. You are too funny! Thought of you as soon as I read the news last night. I'm excited to see home decor…bedding would be fabulous! Fed Ex was just here with several of my Lilly sale purchases already!! Yippee!
    Kristen in Boston

  5. For the first time EVER living in Denver will pay off. I bet I can be in that store and cleaning shelves out long before half the women in town get there. I am so beside myself today. I can't stand it.

  6. Oh my goodness, I'm so excited. I already want scarves, pillows, dinner ware and a dress. My Christmas shopping for my girls my be done by April. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Fingers crossed those of us in the Midwest will get the advantage of Lilly not being s household name… for ya'll in the South, don't think there is a Target large enough to hold the insane amount of ladies that will show upon April 19th!!!

  8. As soon as I saw the post on Instagram I thought of you! I love Lilly P and still remember the excitement I felt the first time I bought my first Lilly piece (a gorgeous pink wool coat). And now to have Lilly at Target!!!! Yahoo!!!! So fun!!

  9. OMG! So excited about the housewares! I think my local Target is going to be the perfect spot…even though I am in Florida. The gals directly around here either won't know what Lilly is, or, they wouldn't be caught dead buying Lilly in Target. Which opens the door for me to go in and clear off the shelves. :-)

  10. I can't believe you are actually for this!! Lilly and Jackie are rolling over in their graves right now!

    1. I do agree and that was my first reaction. But the products they are offering are amazing in the pics. (Time will tell on quality.). There are so many items and styles that they never offer or make only available as gift with huge purchase. Even the prints are better than the ones just released. I do wonder why this is but I'm not going to let that keep me out of Target on 4/19!

  11. I was not happy to hear this & I'm sure Lilly would NOT approve…
    but after seeing it…
    I will definitely be in Target on 4/19 & my redneck Tennessee summer is going to be poolside fabulous!! LOL!!

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