It’s Valentine’s Day…Whoopee! {Free Printable}

My littles absolutely adore flipping through the pages of catalogs.  I guess that come by it naturally, seeing as I relish the chance to do the same thing.  So, when John literally started drooling on the pages of Oriental Trading I knew I HAD to indulge him in his supreme desire to send his friends Whoopee Cushion Valentines.

DSC_0050 copy


I mean, seriously… there was no way I could say no to something that had me immediately guffawing.  Love Stinks?  Perfection for a nine year old boy.  I realize that this is way too last minute to pull off now AND Oriental Trading no longer has them available on their website, but if you have a boy that has to send Valentine’s, pin this for next year.  And, in the event that you already have a lot of Whoopee Cushions laying around, you can get the tags here —->>>  Print FREE Whoopee Valentine

DSC_0049 copy


Fingers crossed his teacher doesn’t slay me for this.  I’m sure the one he started the school year with would have had some really choice words for this sort of nonsense :-)



16 thoughts on “It’s Valentine’s Day…Whoopee! {Free Printable}

  1. OMG, Amanda, I love this! As a former teacher, though I was a high school teacher, I would have guffawed at this, too! I hope his teacher has a sense of humor because this is the BEST boy Valentine ever! ;)

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