Little Dippers

We celebrated an early Valentine’s date with our little dippers last weekend at the Melting Pot! Honey and I absolutely LOVE fondue, and we’d been eager to take the littles.



We started with the Alpine cheese. My favorite. It was SOOOO yummy! The baby didn’t like it… this might be the only thing he’s ever eaten and didn’t like… so the rest of us fought over his portion.




We opted for the bourguignonne style of cooking for our main course and loved it! We usually go with the bouillon, but were sold on the tempura and sesame betters.


They were doing a special where if you brought in Valentine’s Day cards for kids at Children’s Hospital, you got unlimited chocolate fondue. Yes please!! We each hand-made a card and then enjoyed cookies and cream AND turtle fondue pots.




We were all gorged, as evidenced by John’s “food baby”…


…and the baby’s “chocolate coma”. (Do you see that shirt?!?)


It was such a fun outing and I’m SO glad we finally did it! A few tips for y’all…

1. If you have Melting Pot near you, sign up for their e-mails. We got a great deal where kid’s eat free, adult 3-course meals were $15 off AND if we brought in cards for Children’s Hospital we got unlimited chocolate.

2. Whit was really the youngest I think I’d take. (He’s 6.) We really had to monitor his plopping of things into the hot oil, making sure his food was fully cooked, etc. He did just fine and was definitely old enough, but I can’t imagine having one younger.

3. To the point above, this was almost a 3 hour meal for us. It was interactive and didn’t seem like that at all, but go hungry and plan accordingly!


Japanese hibachi dinner is usually our special occasion outing of choice, but they are STILL talking about wanting to do Fondue pots must have been all the rage for wedding gifts 13 years ago seeing as we have THREE. LOL.

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!!



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  1. We love fondue, but have never taken the boys – we usually do it at home for VDay & New Year's. Must've been all the rage 17 years ago too, as we are well equipped for dipping at home! ♥ xoxo

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