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Last fall I finally broke down and ordered a pair of gorgeous oyster shell sconces from Tery at Lure Coastal Designs. I follow her on Instagram and have admired them for a long, long time. It only took me three months to decide where they should go! (And another month to get my bedroom straightened up enough to photograph.)


DSC_0087 copy

The empty space on either side of our DIY flat screen TV cabinet bothered me from the minute we finished that project. I was super excited when Honey agreed to hang the sconces on either side. I was nervous he would say it interfered with the opening of the doors, but the box is deep enough so that it isn’t an issue at all!

DSC_0083 copy

The sconces are gorgeous, SUPER heavy and very well made. I really couldn’t love them more!

DSC_0090 copy

They are just plain good from every angle of the room.

DSC_0095 copy

While on the topic of Lure, I am also very much in love with her oyster paintings. Bestie R has a few, which makes me want them that much more…

Oyster Shell #19


Can one ever have too many oysters? I think not.


Lure Coastal Designs
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  1. Terry's work is exquisite. I love the sconces she made for me as well. Pictures really do not do them justice. And, I am so happy to have the privilege of owning a couple of her paintings as well. I have my eye on one more!

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