Popped by to say Happy Valentine’s Day {Free Printable}

When I happened upon this perfectly PINK and delightfully yummy Strawberry Cupcake popcorn at Target, it practically hopped in my buggy!  Knowing full well it was WAY too girly for either of my littles to deign to carry off to school I decided then and there that I would be sending my very own Valentine’s this year!!

DSC_0054 copy

I whipped up a little tag and will be “POPPING” these in my neighbors boxes this week!!  I only wish I’d had them ready when I had the good fortune of seeing THREE of my oldest besties (E, N and S) earlier in the week.  You can fashion these pretties in no time flat.  Print the tag here!!  —>>>  Popcorn Valentine

DSC_0053 copy

Why should the littles have all the fun!?!?  And speaking of the littles, stay tuned to see what they picked out this year.  One of them might just be the best.valentine.ever.  (Or at least the most hysterical.)

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