Valentine’s Dance

For the third year running, I was treated like a real princess on a date to the club’s Valentine’s Dance!!

I spent my afternoon with besties E and N, and the boys went out and procured this wrist corsage. The excitedly proclaimed “it’s not real so the flowers will never die and we won’t have to spend money on a new one next year because you can wear this one again!!!!!!” *speechless* *but truly touched*


My handsome dates… in what they called their “dancing shoes”. :-)

The evening started with a lovely dinner.



…but it was the dessert table that had the littles’ drooling!



This sweet one danced with me many, many times. And only looked slightly relieved when his daddy asked to cut in :-)

And this one deigned to dance with his mama for about half of a song. You see, he spent his evening flirting with this little girl in his class. Seriously, y’all. It was the craziest thing. He would hide in the corner by her table, dance solo right by where she was sitting, and then walk circles around her table all the while acting like he didn’t see her there.



It was a truly lovely evening, and something I look forward to each and every year!

Pinch me…

PS. I’m always flattered when y’all ask about my attire. My dress and belt are both Lilly, but were from a year or two back. The red sweater is Kate Spade but I found it at TJ Maxx this fall.

10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Dance

  1. No. Whit can't just can't be swooning over a girl. I am beside myself. That is so crazy!!! Such a cute tradition. And that corsage is going to become the new rage now that you posted one. I see it coming! Oh and butterfly decor too. ;)

  2. Looks yummy! Have you seen Belk's new Crown and Ivy line? Yellow and black/or dark navy with an insect print that looks like a bee. Might be Georgia Tech worthy?:)

  3. So sweet! Our club hosts a Valentine's Dinner event for the adults, but I love the family event idea…perfect for the weekend before!

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