Girly Girl

Y’all, I’m going to bed tonight grinning from ear to ear over the girly girlest birthday outing with The Pink Clutch today.  She picked me up in time to get to Phipps as the stores were opening.  We tried on shoes in Saks (fabulous), we tried on more shoes in Tory Burch, we tried on sunglasses in Lilly and then test drove some amazing hand bags and more sunnies in Kate Spade.  We hit all the bests for window shopping!


She made us lunch reservations at the Neiman Marcus Café across the street at Lenox.


It’s a real thing to start your ladies-that-lunch date sipping on warm broth.  And if only I had stopped gobbling the popover with strawberry butter long enough to take a pic…  you would be jumping through the screen.


We toasted with blood orange mimosas.  Swoon. 


And we both chose the grilled shrimp and quinoa salad.  I wanted something I wouldn’t… er, couldn’t… make at home and this was a divine choice.


Our precious waiter surprised me with a slice of coconut cake.  If I liked coconut cake I know this would have been delish :-)


Now, the real reason that I couldn’t be tempted by the coconut cake was that we spied Sprinkles on our way into Neimans.  How is it that neither of us knew this had arrived in Atlanta???!!! 


Bestie P swiped her card and let me do the honors at the cupcake atm.  One dark chocolate marshmallow crème coming up!  It was just delightful.  I told the littles about it all and they were literally aghast… jaws dropped in stunned silence.  I think this is going on our summer bucket list for sure!


We headed back inside to choose a few additional minis to share, but were completely sidetracked by the ice cream cookie sammies.


Y’all this is divine cherry vanilla ice cream sandwiched between a salted oatmeal cornflake cookie and a peanut butter pretzel cookie.  We shared it.  But I could have eaten my own.  (Assuming P was going to pull the car around and let me unzip my pants on the way home.)  It was SO beyond yummy!


We managed to squeeze in a little shopping at Vineyard Vines, J Crew and Anthropologie (where we found her a stunning dress for her gala).  She got me back home just minutes before the littles came bounding off the bus.  It was such a fun and thoughtful outing.  I’m truly thankful for the day this gal walked into my life!!


I’d be remiss if I didn’t wish one of bestest besties in all the lands a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today.  The Uptown Acorn is one of the classiest, funniest, most talented people in my life.  I so miss our long lunches, shopping dates and “it’s whatever y’all” parties. 

I have no doubt my dreams tonight will be sweet…

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11 thoughts on “Girly Girl

  1. I have special memories of lunches at Neimans with my mom…and those popovers. She is gone now, but I have the memories. You certainly had a special birthday..just as you give to others. :)

  2. You two are so darn cute! What a fun day. My best friend's daughter is 21 now (not sure when THAT happened!) but we still go to Neiman's for lunch, just like we did when she was little. We call it "The Tearoom" because she used to think the broth was tea because they serve it in those tiny cups. :-) We had her fourth birthday there, with all the girls in party dresses. Such great memories at ANY age! Here's wishing you all the best for a fabulous year ahead, Amanda. Paige, you are quite a gal and I love your style.

    Jane ~ San Diego

  3. Such a fun day! NM lunches are the best, and I'm now craving a popover with fresh strawberry butter. I, too, tried the Sprinkles ATM for the first time on my birthday this year and loved it. Would definitely be fun for the littles.

  4. What a lovely day and such a sweet friend to enjoy it with. Hope your birthday "week" is such a fun one. I like your idea of a 40 to do list as you enjoy the year working your way up to being 40 years young.

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