It’s time to catch up on some musings, goings and doings… This is the happiest mail day I ever did see… pink scalloped Lilly shorts (thanks Mother and Daddy-O), a new pink phone charger (to differentiate mine from the boys’), and two spring reads!


Bestie P and I had an impromptu date at Café at Pharr in Vinings. You must go if you have not. YUMMMMMMM!


We also spent a lovely Spring evening catching up with the littles played outside. Makes me SO excited for summer!

IMG_0492 IMG_0496 I have a love hate relationship with this hat. I mean, I hate it because it’s so silly. And I love it because it keeps me warm when we walk to school. And I double love it because it is so darn embarrassing to John. LOL, y’all. IMG_0509

Speaking of John, he’s ditched baseball for track and field this season. And he LOVES it!!! Honey and I have been on him to give it a shot for some time now. I mean, he has consistently placed in school runs since Kindergarten and shows natural talent. So happy to see him happy and loving something new.


These happy little notepads made their way to etsy customers last week. You can find them in the Preppy Papers section of our shop.


I spent a day down at the old stomping grounds last week. Go Jackets!!!


Baby girl came over in a cute little Old Navy dress at the eleventh hour to get my littles off the bus when I was running late. I had just received this precious Beaufort Bonnet and it matched perfectly!!


John is learning all about heat and energy in school. This is evidence of how he can come up with ANY reason to need to eat a marshmallow. “It’s a heat experiment to see what happens when I microwave them.” *riiiiiight* PS. Giant marshmallows courtesy of bestie M. She knows the way to John’s heart.


Mother and Daddy-O came to town this weekend to celebrate my birthday with the fam. My request for 39 was takeout from my fave bbq joint and game night. A few eyes might have rolled but everyone knows they had fun in the end :-)




Bird and Cookie had their very first sleepover that same night. They really had the BEST time and I look forward to many years of cousin slumber parties!! Daddy-O ran out for Krispy Kremes the next morning, which was icing on the cake.


Mother and Daddy-O gave me these darling scalloped flamingo shorts for my birthday and Mother appliqued me a matching tank. Now, can we please get some warm sunny days…


With that, I’ve got ten thousand things on my to-do list. Better get crack-a-lackin.


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7 thoughts on “Musings

  1. What a great mail day, and loving all your Lilly!! Was over in your neck of the woods on Saturday and thought of you and P!! Always great to get to spend time with the GFs.

  2. Happy birthday! My littles just had their besties over to sleep in the tent in the backyard. We were a bit surprised that all 4 made it the whole night (4.5 year olds and 6.5 year olds). They had a blast!

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