We love a celebration in this family and I will be the first to admit that it is ALL my doing. So, as you can imagine, I celebrated all weekend long with the fam. Things kicked off with a Friday afternoon date with Honey. We gorged on burgers, rings and cherry cokes at Johnny Rockets… (where I chose Girls Just Wanna Have Fun on the jukebox, much to Honey’s dismay)


… and then we shopped for my birthday gifts at the mothership!!!! I’m not one that needs a surprise. I’d much rater just pick out my gift myself and know I’m going to adore it.


Since my InstaFriends wanted to know “what’s in the bag?????”, I thought I’d share. Two precious dresses!! Plus a silk tank that was half off AND the gold glitter Jack Rogers I’ve been swooning over since my birthday last year.


Saturday night we did another date night. The littles don’t like to miss out on any of the birthday fun, and I hate to exclude them from anything, so we planned it for the birthday eve. Besides, they were thrilled to have Uncle C watch them.


This is a Lilly holy grail in my opinion. I’ve had it for years and it just never gets old. I probably only pull it out once a year, and that is often on my birthday. I think because it’s silk and too hot to wear in the spring and summer.


I ushered in 39 with two big deals for me… long dangly earrings replaced my never-go-out-without pearls AND I wore tall heels for the first time since I hurt my ankle last March. Yippee!!!!! They didn’t even hurt. Big things are going to happen this year, I just know it :-)

FullSizeRender (2)

We started off at a little wine bar for wine flights and apps. We even met a blog reader (Hi Jenna and Bob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) which was fun!



And then we dined at one of our fave places.


Having a birthday when you lose an hour of sleep is no bueno. But Honey saved the day with Krispy Kremes. It seems like my main mission on my birthday is to eat all of my favorite foods. When did that happen???


It was a glorious day in Atlanta. The nicest one of the year, I’d say. So, we tacked the first thing on my 40 things for 40 list (coming soon)… we hiked to the top of Kennesaw Mountain. There was a lovely view of the city and it felt so great to do something outside.


We took John to his first track and field practice late in the afternoon and then Honey grilled steaks on the Big Green Egg. Yummy!!!!!! I also celebrated with a few besties earlier in the week. Many many thanks to bestie M for pulling it all together and to these ladies for spending their wednesday night with me. I know weeknights are hard!





It’s been an amazing start to the year. I am SO excited to finally be 39. I know that sounds strange, but I love milestones and the reason they give you to do incredible things you might not otherwise do. I’m on a huge countdown to 40 and can’t wait to see what adventures unfold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


These are the best days!!!


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22 thoughts on “Thirty-nine

  1. I'm so glad you had a fab birthday. You deserve it. I'm one of your intsa friends who wanted to see the Lillly haul- so thanks for sharing! I just received a generous Lilly gift card from my hubs for our 10 year & can't wait to go spend it!! Just when you think they can't make things any prettier….they do!!!! Loving the new spring line. xx LNCMOM

  2. Happy Birthday! What a fab weekend all around!

    DVRed Gray Gardens Sunday. Thanks for tip. (saw first ten minutes only so far – I don't think I could rock a linen napkin "skirt" and headgear like little Edie:)

  3. Happy birthday!!! It looks like such a great week. P.S. I'm so jealous y'all have a lilly store. We didn't have one when I lived in Houston and we definitely don't have one up here in the twin cities!!

  4. Happy Birthday Amanda! So glad you had a wonderful, relaxing and fun weekend of pampering. Praying this year brings you many more blessings and happy memories!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Amanda! They're all good but these days are probably the finest…it all goes too darn fast after forty! You looked fabulous at dinner and your new Lilly dresses are perfect…the yellow one is crazy cute. Have a great week and YEAR! Jane ~ San Diego PS I would love to run into you at dinner!

  6. Lol "when did birthdays become about eating all my favorite foods"….I think it is the day 3/8 bc my J made sure he had at least a bite of each one of his top 10 foods. Happy Birthday!!!!

  7. Happy, happy day to YOU! Wishing you a wonderful year full of all the very best! Love your 40 for 40 idea… I might just have to steal that to complete the year that I am 40…since I don't have time to complete a list by next (gulp!) month!!! Cheers to 39!!!

  8. Happy Birthday!! I wish you knew how much your blog has inspired me…I celebrate LIFE in so many different ways because of you! You're a fabulous mama, gracious hostess, and you are the epitome of Southern style.
    Thanks for being my ray of sunshine!!!

  9. It's so refreshing to see someone ~ especially a female ~ being happy about their age and looking forward to a great year/life! I promise, it just gets better and better each decade. Continue your celebrating, have fun and have no regrets!


  10. I didn't know we saw you and Honey on your birthday "eve"! Happy (belated) Birthday! Loved meeting you in person. Bob was amused that I know so much about you!!!!! ;) Your birthday sounds like it was perfect

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