Tybee Island Parade, Party, Shopping + Sweets

We rolled into Savannah Friday evening in advance of all of Savannah’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities!! We headed down to Tybee yesterday at lunch time for a pre-party celebrating the Irish Heritage Parade.



John and I stayed for a while at Mother and Daddy-O’s friends shin dig and loved watching the boats out in the ocean…


…and then we spent a good long while hanging back in the parade staging area. The two highlights for John were saying hello to the Clydesdales and reading every single headstone on the little cemetery behind Memorial Park. I have always, always loved cemeteries and am so excited that little John shares this interest. We’ve got a lot of exploring ahead of us!



We met back up with Mother and Daddy-O just in time for the parade to roll. This Tybee parade is really the best Savannah event for St. Patrick’s Day in my opinion. It’s logistically easy, it’s super family friendly, and in many ways it’s reminiscent of how the downtown parade was when I was little with the throwing of candy, beads and trinkets and how everyone in the parade interacts with you.



It’s also very “Tybee” in spirit. I mean, how often do you see a skateboarding fireman in a parade?


Followed by your favorite priest in all the lands that baptized, confirmed and married you?





Let’s not forget the man pushing the lawnmower.


Or the Marching Barstool Brigade. I would totally want to walk with this group.



Ever since I was little, the Shriners have made the parade. From pirates…



… to Hillbillies…



… to belly dancers…


…to Keystone Cops…



…Dune Cats…


…and old men giving copious amounts of high fives, these guys are always a delight. They do great work for Savannah and always seem to be having a great time.





I loved the Savannah Parrot Heads!

DSC_0054 (2)

It was such a great afternoon with absolutely PERFECT weather!


When things were wrapping up, we realized that we had spent the afternoon in the company of Savannah baseball legend Samuel Stewart! It’s funny how remarking about someone’s hat can lead to such a fun discovery. John was pretty excited to learn about his baseball career. Often referred to as Savannah’s own Jackie Robinson, Sam is a four time baseball hall of fame inductee and played a crucial role in desegregating our baseball. We could have spent hours talking to him!


After the parade we spent some time soaking up the sun on the beach. It had been too long!



When it was time to get some din din, we made the requisite stop at Seaside Sisters leaving the island. This is the very best beachside shop on Tybee and has been on my Savannah must-shop list for ages. Not only does Mary Kay Andrews consigns items here, but every time I go in I find gorgeous coastal art, lovely antiques, island inspired accessories and fun beachy clothes and jewelry. Mother and I positively hated to leave these chairs behind. It’s a pair in amazing condition for $350. Somebody MUST get them!!!!!!!





Now, what made this stop SUPER special was that I got to meet a blog reader. {Hi Courtney!!!!} She was so delightful that we could have spent the rest of the night chatting it up about Tybee, Savannah, boys (her son is PRECIOUS and looks so much like John), cooking, décor and the likes. She invited us to have a gelato next door at Sweetie Pies. The Tybee Marsh Mud is going to be a new must-eat for any beach day!



John was dying to see the Sponge Bob movie, but we outvoted him for margaritas and mexican. It was a practically perfect day!!

Seaside Sisters, Seaside Sweets & Cutie Pies

16 thoughts on “Tybee Island Parade, Party, Shopping + Sweets

  1. TYB is the best!! Thanks for sharing with us!! We are heading to a wedding in two weeks at Red Gate Farms. Our nephew is getting married and we are driving down for a long weekend. Can Hardly Wait!!

  2. I love Tybee Island! The beach was the nearest stretch of sand near my childhood home in Pembroke and so I remember it fondly. My brother lived there for many years with his family and I spent a lot of summer vacation time staying with them. I have not been to Tybee for many years and so I am sure it must have changed a lot. Your pictures of the parade are great and I enjoyed your post. My father was a Shriner and, as you wrote, they do many selfless and worthy works in every community they are a part of. Have a great week ahead!

    1. It really hasn't changed art that much compared to many other beach towns. Things still seem to run on Tybee time, the locals are still colorful and it still feels like home. :-)

  3. It looks like you all had a wonderful time down at Tybee! I love that little shop but then again I love anything beachy :)

  4. This is always one of my favorite posts! But I missed seeing the rest of the gang, especially Daddy-O. :-) Happy St. Patrick's Day to all! Jane ~ San Diego

    1. Hmmm…. Daddy-O was busy busy hanging with Sam Stewart. Honey and Whit stayed in Atlanta for opening day of baseball and soccer, both of which Honey is coaching and both of which were rained off.

  5. Looks like a fun time. I've been to the Charleston St. Patrick's Day parade, but not the one in Savannah.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  6. Looks like so much fun. Though not a St. Patrick's Day parade, the fun & ecclecticness of it reminds me so of the Inman Park parade! ;)

  7. Amanda, Thanks so much for stopping into Seaside Sisters and Sweetie Pie's while on Tybee. Courtney was thrilled to meet you as she is a huge fan, and now I will be as well. Please come by again with the whole family for some Tybee March Mud, double scoop, with sprinkles! Best regards, Susan Kelleher, Seaside Sisters

  8. I met Mary Kay Andrews last, summer and she was wearing that blue and white top! I went to her book signing and she was a hoot!

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