Welcome Easter

After a couple of years of pining over Bronwyn Hanahan’s chevron cross door hanger, I finally  made one mine.  My only regret is not purchasing it sooner so that I could have used it for John’s First Communion last year.


DSC_0075 copy

Just as soon as St. Patrick’s Day was over (ie. first thing in the AM on 3/18), I took down the shamrock and hung the cross.

DSC_0076 copy

It’s really so lovely in person.  She offers it in a few different colors, but I thought the tan perfectly accented the house.

DSC_0077 copy

You can get the cross with a colorful flower in the center, but I opted for the full burlap bow.

DSC_0078 copy

I was telling Mother last weekend that my pansies looked pathetic and moaning and groaning about my inability to consistently have good looking pots when she suggested I go with ferns this year.  I’m SO glad I did for a number of reasons.  Not only were they super easy to just plop in the pots, but their size and height look great from the street.  I’m set pretty far back and up a pretty big hill so they are really quite perfect here.  I picked up the chevron burlap pre-made bows for the dogs from Michael’s.

DSC_0074 copy

Now, are you ready for a chuckle?  I did this entire photo shoot before I realized Honey had photo bombed me.  I retook the pics, but had to share at least one with y’all…


I moved the darling screen bunny (fondly known as Peter Burlap Tail) to the garage entry door this year.  He looks precious there!  I didn’t get a photo because by the time I thought about doing so our lovely sunny spring weather turned to cold rain.  boooooo!

March 2014 334 copy

We’ve got ten thousand house projects on the list for the weekend.  Don’t get excited though… it’s drudgery work like fixing a shutter, prepping the garden, pulling weeds, tossing the torn up rug in our bedroom, replacing light bulbs and stuff like that.  Regardless, I’ll be happy to get it all done and crossed off.

Happy FriYAY, y’all!

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13 thoughts on “Welcome Easter

  1. There is just something about a southern front porch and ferns. Great choice. And that pic of honey is going to keep me chuckling all day. Sounds like my hubs. Love how sweet, caring and helpful they are but the sense of humor is icing on the cake!

  2. LOL, priceless! I'm so jealous of your greenery and I'd be happy to pull some weeds this weekend…we're due for more snow tonight!

  3. Adorable! I wish my front porch looked so festive. The cross is beautiful and the bunny is to die for. I have been bogged down getting the Etsy store open and working on Luke's room. Sadly, my Christmas/Valentine's Day wreath is still on the door. I know, embarrassing. It will have to wait until after the weekend though. Watch my instagram because I am going to be in one of your favorite places this weekend! :-)

  4. I have a chevron cross in lime green on my front door…it came from Etsy but cannot remember the shop. And I do love your screen bunny! He is adorable. And we have several things to get done around our casa as well. You are right, not much fun but necessary.

  5. How fast did you drive home after scoring the perfect bows at Michael's?! Your porch looks wonderful!
    Happy Spring! Jane ~ SD

  6. I tried ferns last year and love them! Took them in over the winter, we live in Nebraska, and put them in my sunroom and now they are HUGE!!! Will put them out again this year, hopefully in the next week or two. Looks great Amanda!

  7. I love, love, love that cross – gorgeous! But I still have a soft spot for Peter, too. :-) I always use ferns on my front porch because pots out there never thrive. Looks gorgeous!

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