Las Vegas

I spent this past week *working* in Vegas. If you will recall, I mentioned last month that I have a job (more to come). I haven’t traveled for work in about six years so this was a special case.


vegas welcome

I arrived at The Palazzo early Tuesday. And I totally wished I’d had Honey or Mother or Sister or SOMEONE with me to share the amazing room and down time!





Since my official duties didn’t start until Wednesday, my first stop was the pool. With a new book (Beautiful Creatures) and Ginger Lemon Fizz in hand it wasn’t awful.


The Canal Shops seemed promising, think Tory Burch, Kate Spade, and the likes, but the salespeople were so pushy that I gave up within an hour…but not before a yummy cupcake at Carlo’s Bake Shop.





Wednesday was a work day and wrapped up with a fun event at Lagasse’s Stadium. I was so excited to run into two friends (and Honey’s fraternity brothers) from Georgia Tech as well!



Our days started pretty late so I took my morning walks on the strip. It’s a stinky place in the morning, as I’m pretty sure I was the only one that wasn’t still stumbling around from the night before. I did fall in love with The Coffee Bean, after many years of California bestie S singing their praises.


I flew out late Thursday night so I spent the afternoon and evening reading again back at the pool.


The only other time I went to Vegas was to celebrate my late father in law’s 60th birthday. It was an amazing, memorable and totally first class trip. We did shows, great dinners, cabanas at the pool and the likes. So, going back solo for work was didn’t hold a candle to that. As if there was any question, let’s just say I’m much more Magic Kingdom than Sin City. I couldn’t have been happier to get back home. I had THIS waiting on me…and the first words out of the baby’s mouth on my return were “Mommy, you went CRAZY at Lilly.” I was planning to hide this from Honey. #plansfoiled #secretshopperfail


Happy weekend, y’all! If you need me, I’ll be sleeping. As if…

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11 thoughts on “Las Vegas

  1. I know you were so excited to see your Lilly haul when you got home! I'm with you… Vegas is not my scene. Fun to see, but totally not worth a repeat trip for me! xo

  2. I wish I had been there with you! I wouldn't have minded lolling by the pool while you were working!
    Love, Marme

  3. I have to say, reading this post, I was scrolling down looking at the beautiful room etc…and remembering my awesome non-gambling trip to Vegas…then I saw that last pic and I literally made the "aaah" noise at the screen. Now THAT is the way to shop Lilly! Hope you had fun unpacking!

  4. i love that you are wearing lilly in vegas! soooo cute! wishing i got that outfit now and your gold bag! i agree, i'm much more a magic kingdom type of gal as well. so jealous of your lilly haul too- cant wait to see what u got and how you style everything!

  5. What a scene to walk into when you got home! I have extra space in my office closet to quickly hide any shopping splurges from my husband, though I don't think I could hide a pile like that! Actually, when you think about it, your purchases couldn't have arrived at a better time. He probably missed you so much, he didn't care! Sounds like Vegas was fun and how nice to have some time to read! Love that blue dress!

  6. You've teased us a couple of times now about your job and like the previous commenter I, too, am dying to hear about it! Please let the cat out of the bag!

  7. Dying to hear more about this "job" of yours ;-) Vegas is not my scene either. Fun with a group for a few days, but not much longer. Oh girlfriend…you should have had your Lilly boxes shipped to Bestie P's house!! LOL

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