Pink Sunday

Well, it seems that Lilly for Target came in went in the blink of an eye this morning.



Sister and I, along with a crew of other ladies I know, were up at 1AM eastern to shop the online sale.  I have to be honest, I was not shocked at all by the way it went down.  If you are a Lilly lover, you probably shop their after party sale a couple of times a year and have experienced the very same thing – carts emptying, sites crashing, inability to check out, etc…  Sister and I had each other on speaker phone and chatted it up while we refreshed our browsers for hours on end.  I mean, we legit went straight from 1AM to 4:45AM!  But, our persistence paid off and, once the confirmation emails started coming in, we were giddy to see that we scored some of our must haves – the giraffeeey palazzo pants, the nosie posey button down, two lawn chairs, a floor cushion, pillows and a few other things!


As soon as I hung up with Sister I headed out the door to meet besties M and P, and a few other gals, at Target.  We were the first in line at 5AM.  It was a long three hours until the doors flew open, but it was nothing but fun and girl talk!  M even managed to score some of her must haves on the ipad while we waited.  We also memorized each other’s top one or two must haves so that we could divide and conquer.


Honey’s mama was so sweet to get up at the crack of dawn to come watch the boys so that he could even help me shop.  You gotta go into these things with a plan!   Our location had a four item limit on clothing – as in you could only purchase four things… not four of one style – but home goods were a free for all.  Those were definitely my priority since you can’t ever get them!  I had more to start with in my buggy but traded my besties poofs and pillows for rompers and maxis.  I mean – HOW FUN!!!!!  It was really the highlight of the whole event for me, and since so many of us got different things, we know we can always borrow that set of napkins or loan the darling cocktail plates when any of us have a soiree.


Every one in our party… and many, many more at our store walked away with Lilly for Target.  I realize it was a stressful and frustrating experience for lots, but don’t give up yet!  There is only a 14 day return window on these items and I do think stuff will make its way back to stores in the coming days.

With that, I’m counting down the minutes till bedtime.  I’m afraid it will take me a week to recover from my Pink Sunday all nighter!  Let me know what y’all got!!!!

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36 thoughts on “Pink Sunday

  1. Up all night as well!! Got two shift dresses, Pom Pom shorts, and Rosie posie tank online after many hours of website crashing. Then went to target at about 630 and got beach towels, scarves, and starfish cuff!!

  2. Oh my, you were one of the lucky ones! I knew from the Missoni launch in 2011 it was going to be chaos. I lost out on this, was out of town but even got to a Target at 8am – WIPED OUT. I should've taken photos of each of the displays – it was pretty funny actually. Love what you scored.
    Rita C at Panoply

  3. What a score!!!! I missed out since I teach Sunday school and being up shopping at 1am would not have been a wise choice! Ha! I am sad to see all the ebay sales all ready though! But maybe I will score a returned purchase!

  4. Good for your location for having had a limit on clothing items. It is disgusting at how much inventory is now outrageously priced on eBay! My store had ladies grabbing items without even looking and throwing it in carts.

  5. I went at 8 when our store opened and got a shift dress, maxi dress, and pants for me. I also grabbed one of everything our store had for my girls. ?

  6. Yay for you!!!! I was not quite as lucky :( I was online from midnight to 3:30 with no luck at all and then over slept and didn't arrive at my local store untill 15 min before opening! Back of the line for me. I did score three things (including the iphone6 plus case which was one of my must haves)and it was a frenzy like I have never witnessed before!! What us southern girls will do for Lilly! Just wish Target would bring more back for us :)

  7. You are too funny! What a great way to spend time with your friends – and I am so impressed that your husband joined in. Mine would NEVER get involved in something like that! It looks like your plans worked well and you ended up with a great pile of goodies! Cheers to a job well done!

  8. It was a mad house at my Target! My daughter and I did find a few items. It was total chaos. I felt like it was Black Friday! I tried all night to order on the Target website and it was shut down:( I wish they would make more of this stuff! I can't believe how many people were just grabbing things saying they were going to put it on ebay. It makes me sick that they are doing this. They did not even want what they were grabbing. They just want to rip people off that really wanted some of these items!

  9. My daughter and I went after church, the early service. Got to the store at 9:45….. I got a very lovely nail file, that I guess I will have to the cherish forever and ever. I went to the website from 6:30-8:00 and it was crashed. Thankfully Amanda you are here to feel my pain! My husband and friends think I have lost it! I just keep saying…I've been waiting since January for a nail file??? Happy that you and your sister got some good stuff. Thanks for a great blog, I love reading about your adventures.

  10. awww love that you have so many ppl in your life that will shop with you! and that your hubby will help you shop for lilly!!!! what a keeper! thats awesome! i cant wait to see your haul! i just ended up buying online- tried to limit myself to my must haves- the 2 maxi dresses, the sea urchin halter, white crochet top and the hammock! so unnecessary since i dont really *need* one but i felt that i would regret it if i didnt LOL! i ended up going to the store today and my target didn't get anything! i do live in the middle of nowhere though. there was just nailpolish and blankets! not even any LP for target displays anywhere. you lucked out! cant wait to see how you style everything!

  11. I went to my store around noon, and women's was wiped clean, but girls and toddlers still had tons! I just bought the See Ya Later shift for my 14 month old…I may go back tomorrow, and see if any is still left, but that was all I really wanted, believe it or not!

  12. Amanda, thanks to you and it being my twin girls' birthday, we headed to our Target this morning before church only because of my husband's insistence after seeing the mayhem on the news. Our store was very tame and ladies were helping each other and complimenting what the others had chosen. I was fortunate to get matching dresses for now, tops for the fall, and dresses for next year all in the sizes I needed! My aunt had given the girls a Target gift card which we just happened to open this morning and use. Oh, and we made it to church on time. Happy day!

  13. My daughter and I had empty carts – both online and in our area stores. We are still sad! ? As SundY morning church goers, we missed out all around! Good to know some had success.

    Lillie-Less in Little Rock

  14. Wow, you were lucky (or well prepared) indeed. I somehow missed the knowledge of how important it would be to order online at midnight. By the time I looked, it was completely sold out. I got to Target at 7:30 am (way too late obviously) and was about 80 people back. Our Target had no limit in place so a man ran ahead, grabbed most of what was on the women's clothes rack and then straight to checkout. Obviously to sell on EBay. Another woman grabbed a bunch more and went to the side of the store and actually sold other women the 'right to buy it' until security finally found out. Crazy. I was able to get a cute scarf that a kind lady decided not to purchase and offered it to me. Also my bestie (in Mobile) was able to score me a set of the cute print beverage glasses and the most adorable bottle opener. I'm happy for you and your group of girlfriends were much better prepared. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Oh my! I pulled an all-nighter too! Was able to get the three items my daughter wanted–a white crop top, a tank and a pair of shorts. Now I just pray they fit! I must confess, I did take a couple of wee naps yesterday to make up for lost sleep, but it was definitely worth it!! Go Lilly!!

    Julia from SC

  16. It was cray here in St. Louis (though less crazy looking than the stores all over TN that my friends and sorority sisters were posting on FB). I didn't get everything I wanted (no clothes for me at all), but I got that hammock, pillow, and a few goodies for my girls. I have a feeling some adult clothing is coming back in the next few days and that I can score some then. Though I know there were some people who were not pleased about the collaboration ahead of time, I thought it was just great!

  17. I've never felt fortunate to wake in the middle of the night with a tickle in my throat! But I did and I kept checking the target site. Eventually around 5 a.m. I got on and was able to score a few things. The top 3 or 4 from my list were already gone though. Oh well, it's just "stuff"! It does make me sad to see that within minutes of the 8 a.m. opening there were pictures of things on ebay with the pics taken on the dashboard of the car. However, we will see how all this shakes out!

  18. Add me to the list of people who missed out! I am honestly shocked about the frenzy. I worked super late Saturday and decided that I'd just get there when I got there…it is Acworth after all, I don't see a lot of wom in Lilly or similar around here. Well our friendy Target employee let me know at 10am that everything had sold out in 5 minutes when the store opened! You win some you lose some I guess.

  19. If the giraffeeey palazzo pants don't work out, please let me know or if you know anyone that has them or a size 4 womens shift giraffeeey, I would love to buy or trade with what I have. Thanks!!

    1. My size 4 giraffey shift is just a little too big. Pants haven't come in but will let you know! I will sell it all to you at twice the price…. totally kidding :-) Was just going to return the dress to the store when I had time. Email me!!

  20. Amanda,I am so happy that you got all that you wanted!! I decided to go the online route.I was only able to get 3 of my wish list items.The site kept crashing,and the main things I wanted (pom pom napkins and coffee mugs) were gone!! I am so sad!! But,I have heard so many people didn't get anything at all.Our 2 stores here in Huntsville were said to have sold out in minutes.Your Target was great for limiting people on number of clothing items. Let us see some close ups later of your fabulous Lilly finds!!, Hope you have a great week! XOXO,Elaine

  21. I'm not jealous at all. At. All. I was online from midnight to 5 am, and have three pairs of shoes to show for it. Had stuff in my cart, computer and phone would freeze, app would freeze, checkout would freeze. So frustrating. I was hoping for a romper and the giraffe pants, but oh well. It sickens me how greedy people were with it all.
    But, I'm so happy you had such success. You're one of the few people I actually know who had a positive experience. I'm shopping with you next time ;)

  22. I scored a few home items at my local St. Louis store, got there around 7:00 and was 6th in line. Tonight I found a few items that they hadn't received in time (giraffe bottle openers and swizzle sticks), perfect gifts! I also asked at the return counter if they had any Lilly items and they gladly showed me the few items they had.

  23. We had a soccer tourney all weekend so I was sure when I wandered into Target yesterday I'd see a sign or two and not much else. I still grabbed a pretty floral glass cylinder for my patio candle and a shift (not quite my size, but worth tailoring… or waiting to see if my size reappears in the next week or so). Tonight I ran in for a different errand and saw that Target had conveniently squished all of the remaining merchandise into one kiosk. I added a set of hair ties to my collection and then found a wristlet in among the other purses. We still had hammocks and patio lights as well as cosmetic bags, candle holders, glasses… lots remaining considering how popular it has been elsewhere! Pays to live in a smaller market, I guess!

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