40 yEARS: Magic Kingdom

After a lazy morning and snack in the Kilimanjaro Club, we were off to spend our last day in the Magic Kingdom.



Our plans started with one of Honey’s favorite lunches at Be Our Guest.





Afterwards we got a dessert Honey has been eyeing for some time now – the cupcake cups at the Cheshire Café. He was SO pleased to finally get one because they were sold out the last time he tried.





After wandering around Fantasyland for a bit, we did another thing Honey has wanted to do – take the Huck Finn over to Tom Sawyer Island. It seems like it’s rarely open when we are in the park… maybe because we go at off times of the year and off times of the day??


Nevertheless, it was a GOREOUS day and we had a lovely time.



What’s the first thing my kids and husband do when something says Keep Out? Try to get in, of course!



Now, we had the great fortune of spending more than an hour rocking on the dock overlooking Thunder Mountain. Honey even fell asleep! It felt like such a luxury!!!!




After hitting Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain, we were off for MY dessert.







We parked ourselves in one of the new parks around the castle hub and soaked up the sun. Again, it felt TOO luxurious!






Back at Animal Kingdom Lodge, we read books by the pool for the rest of the afternoon.




And, after “dinner” and cocktails at the Kilimanjaro Club, we were off to the airport.


Our flight got us into Atlanta around midnight. It was the most amazing and memorable trip. Truly.


Again, so many hugs, kisses and thanks go out to Mother and Daddy-O for keeping the littles so that we could get away. It was our first time leaving them for more than one night in seven years.

Happy 40 yEARS, Honey!!!!!!

10 thoughts on “40 yEARS: Magic Kingdom

  1. I have a question. When you had the rose and bread, then rode rollercoasters, where do you put the items? Are there lockers? Thanks.

    1. We grabbed a bag from the shop at GF and threw all of that plus honey's coat and bow tie in. We only did 2 rides + parade so it wasn't an issue to carry with. :-)

  2. you guys are the cutest couple!!! what an amazing trip! makes me want to go back to disney! :) i was wondering if you had any tips on how to save up and plan a trip to disney like this? ive been wanting to go on a trip to disney by myself with a few other people on our own. incredible trip! xx

    1. Well, I saved for a year, including birthday money, christmas money and money earned through my blog. It was SO worth the surprise!!!!

  3. I just showed my husband this post, since we are heading to WDW in July. He guessed you were about 25 years old… I think I need to look into some of those Disney 5Ks'!!
    Hope you have a great Mother's Day!

  4. Hi Amanda,
    I love these 40 yEARS posts! It's amazing that you orchestrated it all yourself as a surprise and paid for it to boot. My hubs would be blown away if I would do that.
    So glad you got a chance to go to your favorite place at a more relaxed pace without the kiddos. What a special getaway for you both. I was surprised to read it was your first solo getaway other than a night long in 7 years! Good for you! You guys are always so good to take family vacations and include the kiddos in your adventures.

    I do have a question, since you guys are annual pass holders, do you try to go to DW in the hotter summer months with larger crowds and high humidity??? Or do you try to pack your trips in during the cooler months? Also.. Do you try to fit in your getaways during weekend days more than work weeks to maximize your hubs vacation days? Of course you utilize spring break, Christmas and summer vacations time. Just curious how you make it work.
    Just so jazzed for you guys getting to tour DW at your own more relaxed pace!
    Great job on these posts. Paula

    1. Hi Paula – We did the annual passes this year knowing that they would pay for themselves in two of our short trips. The rest of the trips kind of came out of nowhere :-) We have really just gone as much as possible this year, regardless of crowds and timing. We likely won't immediately renew them… they will expire after our fall trip and we might now re-up until next Spring at the earliest. Honey has no wiggle room in his vacation this year after all of these trips. We aren't taking a beach trip (other than to Sister's new place – he will join us for just the weekend) so that we could accommodate the others. So basically, there's no rhyme or reason. :-) Normally we like to go at off times – late Sept is our favorite. xo

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