Hope Your Summer is a SCREAM! {Free Printable}

The baby’s class is wrapping up their year later in the week with their annual Beach Day.  Each student has a beach bucket with their name on it, and their classmates bring in little treats to fill it up.  I didn’t have an idea going in, but when darling ice cream cone bubbles greeted me at the Dollar Tree I instantly knew they were just the thing I didn’t know I needed.  I mean, bubbles and ice cream are the essence of summer.


I designed colorful little tags for them and tied them on with a random assortment of ribbon left over from other projects.  The Free Printable Tags are available for download!

DSC_0059 copy
When I was at the school last week, the colorful buckets were already lining the Kindergarten hallway!!

I know this was one of big brother’s favorite events three years ago, and the baby is already excited for his own!  If you’re curious, John took in squishy pool balls for his beach day treat.  The free printable for that is HERE.
May 2012 018

In other school related news, the baby had his Mama Goose musical performance a week ago today.


Afterwards we took Mimi back to the room so that the baby could give her a proper introduction to his class.


Our annual m&m “countdown to summer” hit lunchboxes last week.  The littles always get so excited about this, and it’s literally the easiest thing in the world to pull off.

Just a few more days till the coolest summer ever!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: These tags and more are now available ready to use in the Dixie Delights Shop!

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4 thoughts on “Hope Your Summer is a SCREAM! {Free Printable}

  1. I always love your ideas! Makes me miss the days that I used to do all that for our girls. It was always fun creating something for them to take to their classmates. I cannot believe he is almost done with Kindergarten!!!

  2. Too cute! Last year I turned your "Have a BALL this Summer" tag into stickers and stuck them on beach balls, deflated and still in their packaging, that I purchased at the dollar store. It was a perfect party favor for my daughter's end of the year pool party. Thank you for sharing all of your cute ideas! Julie W

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