The Coolest Summer Ever

As part of our last day of school celebrations, we always put our heads together and our wish lists on paper for our annual summer bucket list!


This year I picked up these tags at Michael’s for a few dollars and I hastily wrote down the things the littles shouted out.

DSC_0784 copy

The Coolest Summer Ever:

  • COMPLETE – Have a lemonade stand
  • Make a backyard fort
  • COMPLETE – Introduce Coke and peanuts
  • COMPLETE – Get cupcakes from the Sprinkles ATM
  • Have a triple sleepover
  • Watch Star Wars movies
  • Camp out in the back yard
  • COMPLETE – Catch fireflies
  • Try every flavor at Cold Stone
  • COMPLETE – Play baseball
  • Visit Aunchie’s new beach house
  • Sleep on the porch
  • COMPLETE – Play basketball
  • COMPLETE – Go to the movies
  • Make lunches for MUST Ministries
  • COMPLETE – Use the zip line
  • Pull out the slip n slide
  • COMPLETE – Go to the pool
  • Make worm drinks and popsicles
  • Go to Savannah
  • COMPLETE – Make s’mores
  • COMPLETE – Bring home Elsa
  • COMPLETE – Shoot the Hooch
  • Go to the College Football Hall of Fame
  • Go to the High Museum
  • Use the Easy Bake Oven
  • Read and watch Harry Potter
  • Attend nature camp
  • Visit the World of Coke
  • COMPLETE – Join Swim Team
  • Try Top Golf
  • Attend programming camp
  • Play croquet
  • COMPLETE – Have a nerf war
  • COMPLETE – Star Wars Weekend at Disney
  • Take a geocaching expedition
  • COMPLETE – Go on a bike ride
  • COMPLETE – Have a corn hole tourney
  • COMPLETE – Eat our garden crops
  • Go to the Mystery Room
  • Do the Sky View at night
  • Visit Stone Mountain

My grand idea is that each week we will print off a picture of our accomplished bucket list items, punch a hole in it and add it to our ring.  Then we will have a wonderful little scrapbook of The Coolest Summer Ever!

DSC_0785 copy

The great news is that we’ve already started swim team practice, been to the pool AND played basketball.  Only 39 items to go :-)  Buckle up, y’all… cause it’s gonna to be a ride!!!!

We welcomed summer at the pool last night, are off to our last track meet today, have a neighbor dinner tomorrow and another pool party Sunday.  Bring on the fun!!!  Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!

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11 thoughts on “The Coolest Summer Ever

  1. This is such a great ideas to make sure that the summer remains memorable and doesn't just past you by. I'm sure it really will be the best summer ever!

  2. Amanda, I am a fourth grade teacher & mom of three. My fourth grade class read "The Lemonade War" and LOVED it. Then, we had a lemonade stand for the whole school. It is a fiction book and is really entertaining, but each chapter also focuses on a different economic principle (such as marketing or supply & demand). With John going in to 4th, it would be a GREAT book for him to read before his lemonade stand with Whit. Also, as top seller in 3rd, he will probably really enjoy it.

  3. Hi Amanda,
    I am transitioning from a working full-time mom to a stay at home mom this summer, and I am very excited, but also a little freaked out about how to organize my time! You seem to be so great at keeping a balance between activities and down time for your kids, do you make schedules? Any advice you can offer would be sooo appreciated!! I have two kids just a year behind each of yours.
    Thank you, you inspire me as a mother every day!!

  4. Everything sounds so fun, and oh yes, I have many summer memories of dumping salted peanuts in a real Coke bottle…such a GA thing… Love it!!!

  5. Hi There – I love your blog! Thanks for giving us all a window into your sweet life. I noticed you have Harry Potter listed among your summer must do's. I just wanted to share a piece of advice I got several years ago when my girls were about the age of your fellas that has been so awesome. Since JK Rowling wrote the first book with 8 – 10 year olds in mind, we started the first book when my girls were in that age range (actually 7 and 8). We love to listen to the audio books, which are amazing – all narrated by an actor called Jim Dale. We read / listened to one book a year as a kind of Halloween tradition each October. My girls are currently 12 and 11 and we are up to the 5th book. I think it's been a perfect way to introduce this wonderful world of imagination in a time frame that isn't too intense for my girls. As the girls get older and the movies and books get darker – we are able to absorb them and really enjoy them one by one. We love Harry Potter and have watched the movies numerous times together. I can't recommend the audio books enough – we have listened to several of them more than once! I have to admit – I love listening along with the girls. Happy summer!

  6. Just catching up on posts. All of the fun things listed should make for a great and memorable summer. I can't wait for y'all to visit your sister's new beach house! Hopefully she'll let you show it off to us! Can't wait to see how your summer unfolds. Fun times will be had I'm sure, and I'm so glad you're taking us on the journey with you.

  7. Love this year's list – and I really love the way you're planning to document it! Sounds like y'all have an awesome summer ahead! xo

  8. We make a summer bucket list also! I love the way that you put it together! The key ring is an awesome idea, much better than my folded up piece of paper! Thanks for the idea!

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