Elsa Tails {Welcome Home}

Today our family grew by four feet. That’s right, after years of consideration and much anticipation, we finally got a dog! I’m so excited (and slightly terrified) to introduce y’all to Elsa Belle!

She’s a little over ten weeks old and is a medium sized goldendoodle. She was the super teensy tiny runt of the Frozen litter and should end up in the range of 30-45 pounds. And yes, I’m on a quest to make her as girly as possible.

Our day pretty much looked like this… loads of running the yard…


Lots of snuggling…

And about ten thousand (mostly fruitless) trips to the potty…

I’m going to be very honest and say the first day was exhausting, but the smiles on the faces of Honey and the boys were priceless. She cried non-stop in her crate, barely ate anything, and had a few accidents. On the upside, she’s got the sweetest disposition and such a precious face that you can’t help but adore her.

There’s so much more to come!!!

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  1. We found a ticking clock wrapped in a towel helped in the transition from mommy to new home. She is far too cute to ever be sad! I know the boys (even the big one) are thrilled.

  2. They are the smartest babies and she will potty train very quickly! I'll tell you a secret…Rick and I never let any of our children sleep in our bed, but to get Tripp to sleep all night I started putting him in the bed with us and now, 70 lbs later, he's still in our bed! ? our children say we love him more than we love them! Haha! Congratulations! Y'all will love her!!

  3. You know how I don't like to hear babies or pups crying………….I would just put her in the bed!
    Love, Marme

  4. She is so precious! Sure, she will be a lot of work at first but just remember how much those boys will appreciate having a dog. You have given them the best gift ever! And you will fall in love with her as well! Congratulations!
    Xoxo Shelley

  5. So sweet. But, hide your shoes until she has had her chance to get thru that stage! The faces on those boys will still be worth these first few months ahead. Love it!

  6. She is too precious! And, a Lilly fan already. The first week is the hardest…leaving mom and siblings. She will adjust quickly. Not sure if anyone has mentioned yet…to help with potty/crate training-make sure her crate is just big enough for her to turn around and lay down-they won't go where they sleep. We did not give ours water in the crate until they were older, nor did we leave it out all day for them to lap when they wanted. We would offer it frequently, but that way we knew that in about 30 minutes they would need to potty…helps with the training, success, reward, they catch on. And lastly, for every month of age in the beginning is about how long their little bladders can hold it. So yes, a lot of trips at first. Especially in this heat as she will need water often. Yes, ticking clocks, radio with soothing music just outside the crate work for separation. Ours loved having a blanket (we buy the small baby ones) and a favorite stuffed toy to snuggle with (we gave our Cairn one that too was made for babies, but you pulled the tail and it played a lullaby, still a favorite). Remember, they are used to snuggling with their siblings. They are a smart breed and she will catch on in no time!!

  7. She is adorable. I have a Standard Poodle and am interested in the Goldendoodle. I like the size you indicate. Can you share anything about the breeder? I live in the Atlanta area. Thanks! Enjoy your sweet girl!

  8. So sweet! Enjoy but hide everything and invest in deer antlers. I know it sounds crazy but those suckers work. Oh – and apple bitters for furniture. It tastes yucky to them so I applied it all over my furniture.

  9. One year we gave my husband an English Spring Spaniel for Father's Day. He really didn't want a dog, but the kids and I did. So, we knew if we gave her to him as a gift, he couldn't say no. Best plan ever. Elsa is adorable, and you are smart to crate train her. That's the only way to go.

  10. She's adorable. I wasn't a dog type before our Remington (chocolate lab) but am so happy we took the leap. She's turning 5 and it is unconditional love. My sister's family just got a standard size Australian Labradoodle that looks so much like your Elsa Belle. She's a few weeks older and it does get better. The sleeping, potty, teething etc. So happy for your family.

  11. So precious! Put her crate in a small, darker room, preferably under a counter (like in a laundry room). You're creating a den for her. Drape three sides so she can only see out the front. Put a radio on (all the time) while she's in her crate too and close the door of the room when it's time for her to rest. This technique has worked like a charm for our puppy training. Also, praise her to pieces when she potties outside and use gates to confine her to your kitchen or other family area when inside. No water past 6 pm. She'll potty right after eating/drinking, sleeping and playing. Good luck – she'll get the hang of it quickly!

    Heidi in Indiana

  12. She is PRECIOUS! I'm looking forward to hearing much more about your adventures with Elsa and lots of pictures.
    Stick with the crate and put her in it if you leave her alone in the house. Don't give her the opportunity to misbehave. Y'all might really enjoy some dog training classes. It would be good for the boys and help sweet little Elsa become the great dog she wants to be.
    I didn't grow up with dogs, and now, I can't imagine life without a dog in our family. You will be the same way.
    Have fun!

  13. SO DARLING!!!! Oh my goodness I can't stop looking at these pictures. I think Elsa and my little Piper would be the best of friends :)

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