Cousin Bird just turned SIX and his celebratory dinosaur gym party was a real ROAR!!! Sister sent electronic invitations from Paperless Post but also had a few printed for his memory book. I thought this was a great idea and the designs are just darling!


Sister and I are different in a lot of ways, but alike in a ton too. One of which is that we LOVE to throw a party outside of the home but bring in a few simple things to really dress it up. Table cloths, balloons and some sort of back drop are just the way to do it!


I really wish I’d left with a to-go box of cookie cake. It’s got to be my all time fave!


The birthday boy!!!!

Sister used striped wrapping paper and festive napkins on the tables. I loved the little birthday dino parade marching down the centers of the tables. Look closely and you will see that she added party hats and flags!


The cousins were SO excited to celebrate together!!


Inside the gym the littles had a wonderful time! The party hosts had a great mix of free play and organized activities for the crew. There were nine kids in attendance, ranging in age from two to nine, and they all had such a good time!



I loved this little convo… the party hosts had Jay sit in the special seat as the birthday boy so that everyone could make their introductions. Well, little miss priss marched herself right up there and took a seat as well. She says “I CEECEE!!!!!”

“I’m FIVE!”


“And that’s John…”


After getting nice and sweaty in the gym, they were called in for pizza, cake and the birthday song.

It was a wonderful celebration of our Jay Bird!


But the party isn’t over yet… Sister concocted volcano erupting sets as the party favor. My littles cannot wait for this!

We’re heading off for some fun with friends today. Summer is the bees knees :-)

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9 thoughts on “ROAR!

  1. What a darling party! The parade of dinosaurs complete with flags and hats is too cute. CeeCee is a hoot. Happy Birthday to sweet Bird!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Bird! I believe these are the cutest photos you've ever posted. What a fun and whimsical party and the dinosaur holding balloons was perfect! Sister has a great sense of humor. :-) Jane, SD

  3. Such darling pics of the party. And those dinosaurs with their party hats and flags are too much! (Jane is absolutely correct about Sister's sense of humor.) It's hard to believe that Jaybird is now 6….And that little doll sis of his is 5!!! Love, Marme

  4. What a great party for Bird! You and Sister sure know how to throw a party!

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