The fitbit Fixation

Y’all, after moaning and groaning and whining over wanting a fitbit (why? who knows!), I finally took the plunge after Christmas.  And I’m obsessed.



Obsessed with getting 10,000 steps each day.  (Amanda, are you doing laps around the kitchen????  Yes.  Why do you ask?)

Obsessed with climbing at least 10 flights of stairs.  (Mommy, will you go get my blahblahblah?  YES!  I’d love to!)

Obsessed with timing my sleep at the precise moment.  (Honey, is there anything else you need to say before I set my fitbit to sleep mode?)

The struggle is real.

All craziness aside, I absolutely LOVE it!  Here are my thoughts…

  • I chose the fitbit Charge HR .  It continuously tracks heart rate and activity, as well as steps, distance, floors climbed, sleep quality, calories burned/consumed and more.
  • One of my favorite features is that it also functions as a watch.  This is what made me decide to step it up from the regular version.  I can’t be wearing this AND a watch.
  • I also love that it connects to caller ID and will vibrate AND show who’s calling right there on your wrist.
  • The thing is a breeze to set up.  It automatically syncs to both your online dashboard and to the fitbit app on your smartphone.
  • I have a few friends on fitbit and it’s fun to keep each other motivated.  And I have a competitive side to me, so seeing their numbers climb when I’m sitting in the spot makes me get up and get moving.  In all honesty, I’ve never been more motivated to get out and walk in my entire life.  EVER!
  • It only needs to charge every few days.  It’s not waterproof so I tend to stick it on the charger when I shower and that works pretty well.  (God forbid I miss a night of sleep tracking…)
  • I HATE the way it looks.  The thing is ugly… and why?!  I went with black just because it was more neutral to me than the blue, purple or orange that this version also comes in.  I sure wish pink or white and been an option!
  • I printed off the size guide on the fitbit site to determine whether to get the small or large (I got small).  It’s comfortable to wear, but the whole face of it is a bit too big for my super small wrist.  I got used to it and still love it, but I wish it was a little skinnier.

I went on and on about the thing so much that Honey finally got one too – and subsequently crossed number 36 off his 40×42 list!

With that, I’m feeling like I need to get a move on.  It really is obsessive, but in a good way.  (I obviously drank the koolaid.)


PS. I wrote this post back in the winter but somehow never published it, hence the winter weather gear.

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12 thoughts on “The fitbit Fixation

  1. My boys are obsessed with FitBit – and it does look fun. I remember back in the day wearing a plain old pedometer and I definitely made sure I got my 10,000 steps in! But that was all it counted. Maybe a FB for myself is the motivation I need!

  2. I shower in my Fitbit HR and swim in it too. Just don't submerge for long periods of time or wash it… Not that I've EVER done this?

  3. Amanda, you look so fit, that I am glad you wrote this post! It's hot in Texas and I'm struggling to get motivated, and can feel the pounds packing on! Are you walking all 10,000 steps or running some too? You look so amazing! I need to start drinking the same kool-aid!

    1. You are so sweet! Only walking. I gave up running early this year when my knee started hurting. I find I enjoy walking SO MUCH MORE that it's not a dreaded chore, but something I actually look forward to.

  4. Glad you like yours! I've had the Flex for a year and a half. Unfortunately I've had some trouble with the trackers, but Fitbit customer service is great and really stands behind their product. My favorite feature is the silent alarm! Order some monogram decals off Etsy if you want to jazz it up :)

  5. I love my fitbit…I just have the cheapo model but it works for me. I think it helped me to see that although I thought I was walking enough, I really was not. And like you, I have been known to walk in place to get to my goal each

  6. Amanda, I love your blog and read it daily! I am also a big fan of the fitbit. If you are interested in a more sophisticated look, you need to check out the Tory Burch line of fitbit accessories. They are a bit pricey but if you wear it everyday then it really is an investment piece. You can find them here:

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