Honey Does {40×41}

It’s been waaaaaaaay too long since I turned over the reins to Honey (he might disagree).  Here goes…


With Amanda including me in so many items on her 40×40 list, I thought I would put mine together as well.  Call me inspired.  She plans to complete all of hers by the end of her 40th year (two years from now), but since I’ve got a year head start on her age wise, I’m aiming for the end of my 41st.

40X42 copy

Let’s start off with the things on Amanda’s list that I’m going to be doing as well. (If you know me you know I’m not afraid of taking the easy way out).

1. Ride a horse (I can’t wait to see this)
2. COMPLETE 3/8/15: Hike Kennesaw Mountain
3. IN PROGRESS:  Plant a flower cutting garden (I’ll be doing all of the lifting and digging while she just picks the plants and layout)
4. COMPLETE 7/4/15:  Finish the Peachtree Road Race (Had a number once, but wasn’t able to make it due to the previous night’s activities)
5. See the Nutcracker at the Fox from incredible seats (Not sure I can get out of this one so it stays on my list)
6. Do it all at Stone Mountain (Pretty excited for the boys for this one)
7. COMPLETE 6/20/15: Adopt a puppy (Finally!!)
8. Take a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Disneyland (John is also begging to do this for his 10th birthday)
9. Finish a half marathon with Honey Amanda (She called me out by name on this one, so I guess I’m in)
10. Do something super useful with our coat closet (Again, I’m the worker and she’s the dreamer)
11. Have a fancy Christmas Party (As long as the eggnog is flowing)
12. Take an epic vacation to Hawaii (This will be all kinds of awesome)
13. Spend Christmas Eve doing random acts of kindness (I’ll be chauffeuring)
14. Take a dance class (Ugh…)
15. See the sunrise and sunset at the beach in the same day (I don’t think I have ever woken up before sunrise when at the beach, or maybe even ever)
16. Go to an art exhibit and enjoy it (I actually will love this…when I was in Paris the museum workers were on strike and I was so disappointed)
17. Take another Disney Cruise with the extended family (Good times)
18. Finish the garage organization project (As soon as I finish something, something else gets added to the list…)
19. COMPLETE 5/15/15: Celebrate Honey’s 40th in a big way (Who am I to keep Amanda from fulfilling her 40×40 list) Surprise 40 yEARS Disney Trip + Birthday Party
20. COMPLETE 4/16/15: Camp out at Disney (Not sure this classifies as true ‘camping’)
21. Take a party bike or surrey bike ride (Do they make these for only 3 people)
22. Take amazing family portraits (It has been a while since we had some done)
23. COMPLETE 6/16/15: Date night at the Starlight Drive In (I get to pick the movie)
24. Explore the beltline (Good outdoor activities…basically a bunch of parks and trails)
25. COMPLETE 6/17/15: Shoot the Hooch (As long as we have a raft for adult beverages)
26. ???

More than halfway done…now on to the good stuff.

27. IN PROGRESS: Play at least 3 rounds of golf a month on average (Time to get back in the swing)
28. Get pretty good at Call of Duty (I have never played any of the games in this series…usually playing Minecraft or Plants vs. Zombies with the boys. Time for a grown-up game.)
29. Go skiing (Snow, not water…this will be a tough sell. You all may not know this but in college I spent winters as a lift operator in Vail)
30. Be able to make good fried rice on the hibachi grill (I definitely need to cook on it more often)
31. Take the boys (and Amanda if she wants to go) to a Falcons game
32. Run a 5K Bacon Race (Exercise off some calories, then add back on three times as many)
33. Figure out something to do with our attic (See #10.  When a coat closet isn’t being used for storage anymore, that stuff needs to go somewhere)
34. Start my own blog (Just kidding…only checking to see if you are still reading)
35. Join an adult sports league for a season (Leaving this one open to anything…something like Bocce or Cornhole would qualify)
36. COMPLETE 6/30/15: Get a Fitbit (See if it will motivate me to exercise every day…I’m prone to only exercising every 2-3 days)
37. Help out our friends M & S build out some lockers in their garage (But I’ll have to finish ours first so this may be more of a 2016 project)
38. IN PROGRESS: Get caught up on my favorite author: Clive Cussler (Not much time to read around our house)
39. Eat at Nikolai’s Roof (Never been there…may need to go during the week for the Chef’s Nightly Special)
40. Win the lottery (The probability of me completing this list just plummeted to 0%)

Talk to y’all later.

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18 thoughts on “Honey Does {40×41}

  1. Dying in a fit of giggles! Love this!! I just finished writing my list for this week myself. When I asked Hubby what he wanted on his list his response was: Why do I need my own list?? We both know I'm going to have to do the things on your list….can't that count?

  2. Oh Honey, I love your list. You have a great writing style…..another of your talents brought to light. And good luck with that list. Let's hope that too many honeydo's don't invade it!

  3. I love when Honey takes the reigns! I saw that you wanted to make a good fried rice on the habachi. A few tricks to making awesome fried rice is to have day old rice and to make scrambled eggs fluffy using Martha Stewart's method ( plop the egg mixture onto the grill and move the spatula it towards the middle — kind of like a starburst effect?) I add a mixture of frozen carrots, peas, green beans, and corn and if you want to be a little more adventurous chinese sausage and dried shrimp! Hope that helps!

  4. Haha! #34! and #40…if you win can you share with blog friends?? or Tech fans? Or blog friends who are Tech fans!? ;) #wishfulthinking

  5. Okay, this is a riot! I could give you a few ideas for the coat closet!! #39, if it is like it has been in the past, you best have made those reservations 5 years ago!! (on a side note, my folks have eaten there…not worth all the hype).

  6. What a good sport you are! My poor husband would totally agree about #28, he has mastered Mario/Skylanders/Minecraft, but has never played a "grown-up game". Now, start tackling your list and go pick out a puppy. Have a great week!

  7. I'm a little late to this party but got a kick out of your input, especially cornhole qualifying as an athletic league game! As for the fried rice, make the rice the day before (rice cookers are fabulous!) and use cold, cooked rice on the grill. A little white pepper works nicely with the soy sauce when cooking. Have fun and Happy (early) Birthday! Jane ~ San Diego

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