Elsa Tails {Here We Grow}

We’ve had Elsa home for three weeks now and she is really settling in nicely!!! Weeks one and two were nutty, but so many things fell into place this last week.

Elsa is doing so much better with her potty training.  We’ve only had one accident in about four days and have expanded her space inside the house to now include the entire main floor except for the rarely used living and dining rooms!  She also continues to do well in her crate at night, although I wish she’d sleep in a touch later.  It IS summer, after all.

We’ve been taking short walks multiple times a day to learn how to walk nicely on the leash.  She’s such a baby… distracted by every crack in the sidewalk still :-)

We seriously cannot believe how much she’s grown!!  I swear she must have doubled in size already.  I can’t wait to see how big she is at our next checkup on Monday!!

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