After Party Sale

Can I just say how glad I am that the Lilly After Party sale was this Monday and not last Monday?  I mean, I was in a world of hurt and barely knew my name.  I figure that would have gone one of two ways… I either would have been so bumbling I’d have missed out all together, or I would have bought anything and everything in my stupor.  LOL.  As it is, I really fared well.  I placed an order on my computer and on my iphone through the new app.


Meet my new LBD, Janice.  It’s rare that Lilly does anything in black so this was a must have.


I have this exact style, Alexa, in another print and ADORE it.  I never buy the same style in two patterns… like ever… so that goes to show how much I love it.



I wanted something in this pattern all summer long.  I’ve never tried on this Daphne style so it could be a fit or a flop.  If it doesn’t work on me, it looks like something Sister would love :-)


I wore my linen beach pants all winter long and got so many compliments!!  I thought this navy pattern would be darling with a number of tops and sweaters I already have.


I picked up this Marlowe.  I have a few knit dresses in different patterns from last fall and winter and almost lived in them.  They are perfect to dress up with gold flats, wear out with tall boots, and layer with a puffer vest.


And I rounded it all out with another one I’d had my eye on all season, the Brynn.  I *think* I am going to wear it for the family photos we have scheduled this fall.  I ordered a dress at twice the price from Nordstrom but when it came it was totally underwhelming.



There are still TONS of items left and the virtual queue is down to a 1 minute wait time.  I am not allowing myself to go back on because the damage already done is real.


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9 thoughts on “After Party Sale

  1. Thanks for sharing! Imagine if you had girls! $$$

    I held back the temptation on many items and settled on two matching puffer jackets for my daughters! A steal at $29/each.

  2. Love all of your choices! For your info~6pm also had a huge Lily sale today and a lot of the prices where even better the Lily sale! I scored a few items on that site.

  3. Everything is gorgeous Amanda, it’s a good job they don’t ship abroad but I might have to give them a visit when we are back in the US. I hope your feeling better! Tara x

  4. I totally forgot about the sale until about 8 pm last night, so it was slim pickings for my size but my lucky 10 year old daughter now shares my love for Lilly and she can shop from the children’s and adults size since they have 00 and xxs…lucky girl. Probably a good thing that I forgot about it until last night because I did quite enough damage between the 2 of us even with slim pickings! Lol
    Hope you feeling better. I have to make you laugh, when I placed my order, my first thought was hmm, I hope Dixie Delights is well enough to shop the Lilly sale! Haha

  5. Does anyone have a sizing comparison to Loft clothing? I want to get a few things for my daughter, but she’s never purchased anything Lilly, so I’m unsure of the sizing. Help?

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