Back to School

Y’all, I am so thankful that I got the boys back to school last week before the appendix nightmare!  I would have been so sad to not have been able to send them off myself!


Honey and I got up extra early to be able to make our traditional first day of school breakfast.  Pancakes spelling out their name and grades and a side of yogurt too!



We took a few minutes for the obligatory “first day” pics.  I shared my school bus door hanger and printable first day signs in last week’s Back to School Roundup.




I’ll be back tomorrow with a full report on their first day and our little after school snack.

As far as my recovery goes, I broke out in hives from the pain meds and am waiting on a new prescription to be called in.  No meds + hives + a hurt belly = not good.  But, I’m home and Mother and Sister made it here, bestie P delivered dinner and treats, and bestie S popped by with even more treats.  I feel very well loved and very well taken care of.  It’s times like these when you realize that it truly does take a village!  Thank you all for your love, prayers and words of encouragement!


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8 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. So glad you’re surrounded with such excellent caretakers! And so glad “back to school” went off without a hitch! xo

  2. I am jelly that you get to send little Whit in a monogram shirt. Our uniform is so strict. Catholics! :) Glad you didn’t miss the first day. I worried about that when I read your post earlier. It does take a village. I am always humbled when my village lifts me up and is there with playdates, dinners, and general love. I know you feel the exact same. HUGS. I also have something from Disneyland for the boys. I’ll email you. xoxox

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