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Y’all it is incredibly hard to believe that the coolest summer ever is rapidly winding down and in the blink of an eye I will have a first grader and a fourth grader.  This revelation has me thinking about kicking off the school year, and I thought I’d share a roundup of faves from years past…


School Bus Door Hanger

If you’ve spent a split second around here you’ll know how I adore my door hangers.  I’ve slowly amassed a collection for every season, holiday and celebration.  One of my very faves is the big yellow school bus.  I’m going to get it out this weekend, in fact!

August 2014 025 copy


Get Geared Up

We’ve used the same LL Bean backpacks and lunchboxes for more than four years and they are still like new.  John did just upgrade his to a larger size for fourth grade.  We’ve also used and loved the same easy lunchbox containers for lunch since his kindergarten year.  See all the details here!  (And please know their lunches only look this cute about two times a year!)

August 2013 147 copy

I also try to clean up and update our homework station at the beginning of each school year.  For a while we used a simple homework cart, and then last year we completed the family office which gave us an amazing space for computers, homework, reading and projects.

DSC_0107 copy


Read Back to School Books

I adore every single one of The Night Before… books by Natasha Wing.  Last year I also found a fun book for 3rd grade.

photo 3 (8)


Meet the Teacher Treats

One of the most anticipated parts of heading back to school is getting to meet our new teachers!  We love to come with a little something that helps the littles break the ice when introducing themselves.  That being said, I think I’m going to wait and send in something on the first day of school or at parent night this year.  Only because I haven’t got my act together yet…

Chalkboard Treat Jars

August 2014 073 copy

Book Plates

August 2012 372 copy3

Apple for the Teacher

August 2013 073 copy copy


First Day of School Pictures

Rather than using my own chalkboards this year, I will use the darling free printable signs from Yellow Bliss Road (also used on the last day of school in May).  I use my corner rounder punch to finish it off.  (It’s a fave tool around here!)

August 2014 160 copy


First Day Flap Jacks

Honey and I always get up extra early on the first day to turn out a special flap jack breakfast!  To keep things manageable, I set the table the night before after the littles are asleep, and Honey goes ahead and mixes the pancake batter at the same time.

August 2014 143 copy

2014  |  2013  |  2012  |  2011


First Day of School Snack

The day that John skipped off to kindergarten in 2010, I was beside myself missing him.  So, I busied myself all day by preparing a festive snack to surprise him with the moment he got off the school bus.  Since then, it’s become a tradition and something we all look forward to.  It slows them down a bit and gives us time to talk about everything that went on during their day.  Here are a few favorites:

2014  |  2013  |  2012  |  2011

August 2014 212 copy


“After School Talk” Card Game

My two know how to motor mouth when they want to, but getting details about their day at school can be like pulling teeth at times.    Last year I created a cute, printable game to be used with just a deck of cards.  Needless to say, I learned more than ever before and will definitely be using it again.  This is an instant digital download in my etsy shop!

August 2014 236 copy

Sweet Treat for the Lunchbox & Friends

I love to tuck little unexpected treats in the littles lunchboxes those first few days of school.  Mainly because they were so… little… but also because they love them.  We’ve used the same idea to give to a few friends at the beginning of the year as well.

Good Luck Smartie Pants

August 2011 114

You’re Going to RockAugust 2013 077 copy

Now, before I get too ahead of myself, there are a few fleeting days of summer left to enjoy!


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5 thoughts on “Back to School Roundup

    1. Hi Sarah – I think the printables in the original posts should still work! Click on the links to those posts and let me know if any don’t work :-) Was there one in particular you were looking for?

  1. I adore every single one of these ideas! It sure does seem like this summer has flown by…

  2. Amanda, as usual you are inspiring!! I just finished reading your Third Grade post. I thank you for sharing this struggle with us. I prayed for you as I could tell from your posts back then that something was NOT RIGHT. I am glad you stood up for John! And I think you were right to encourage him to handle his own problems in Mrs C’s class room as that was key in helping him to reclaim his self confidence. There is a time for parents to sit back and a time for parents to act and I applaud you and Honey for handling this matter in the correct way.

  3. I just wanted to say that my son was verbally abused by his teacher also. I didn’t know if he was exaggerating (spelling?) at first. It was one of the hardest times he had in school. He hated going and would cry everyday. He was moved also to a great teacher who helped him so much. I am glad that things worked out. God bless those great teachers that make our children better people!

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