2015 Walk of Fame

More than ever before, I simply cannot believe how this school year flew by.


These two boys continue to bring me to my knees with the privilege of getting to be their mother.  They are smart, kind, silly, rambunctious young boys that try very hard to please and succeed in school – from the first to the very last day.



The littles recently got a new school bus and it plays music like an ice cream truck!!  Today it was blaring “School’s out for summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  As they came bounding off as rising fourth and first graders, I doused them with silly string!


DSC_0749 copy

And, as has been our tradition since John’s last day of Kindergarten in 2012, we ended our school year with The Walk of Fame.  With both littles celebrating this year, I lined each side of the driveway with signs touting their accomplishments, both in and out of the classroom over the last year.



John’s year started off so horrifically, the fact that he came off the bus on the last day of 3rd grade grinning from ear to ear made me well up with tears.  Ten months ago this seemed impossible.  But, with a new teacher and renewed confidence, he thrived.  He can absolutely, positively look back on his 3rd grade year and say “look at everything I did!”

johnlastday copy



And then there’s my baby.  My sweet, precious, silly Whit that I wanted more than anything I’ve ever wanted in my life.  It is a little difficult to admit, but all that I’ve wanted for him in his six years on this earth is for him to be happy.  And he IS!!!  But I fear I short changed him.  Because he simply blew us away this year!!!!  At every turn, with every new challenge, he took it head on and thrived!  He’s SO smart, such a hard worker, and very serious about doing well at everything he tries.  He’s also as silly as all get out and so matter-of-fact that you know he speaks the truth at all times… even when it’s hard to hear.  I couldn’t be prouder of this kid and will spend the summer in shock that my baby has finished kindergarten!

whitlastday copy




At the end of our Walk of Fame, they crashed through the Welcome to Summer banner! Crossing that threshold on the last day of school means lazy mornings, long afternoons at the pool and late evenings in the yard.







We got things started off right with The Coolest Summer Ever snack waiting on the porch.  I set it all up using things I already had around the house.  It doesn’t have to take time or money to make things special.





While we snacked on their favorite chocolate rice krispie treats and popcorn, reviewed the highlights of their last day of school, and made our annual summer bucket list for what’s bound to be The Coolest Summer Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DSC_0782 copy
As I was texting the baby’s teacher this afternoon, the last day of school is my favorite day of the year.  More than Christmas or birthdays or any day in between.  It’s the culmination of hard work, the cusp of a great summer reward and the prelude to the next chapter to come.

Congrats boys, you did it!  Welcome to summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now, let’s hit the pool…


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16 thoughts on “2015 Walk of Fame

  1. I always love seeing your end of the school year posts! So fun that Whit was now included. I know they are going to have a fabulous summer. Such sweet boys, but I will say I gotta give momma a lot of credit for that!!!

  2. I think it is wonderful that you take the time to remind your boys of all the amazing things they accomplish during a year. No wonder they put so much effort into everything they do! You make life so special for your guys.
    Michelle from simplysantabarbara.blogspot.com

  3. No wonder your boys are so amazing, they have and amazing mommy!! You are truly incredible. I love how you made the last day of school so special!
    Happy summer to you and your family!

  4. Amanda, I love how excited you are to have your boys home for summer vacation! I am SO curious as to the preparation for pulling this kind of special welcome home takes. Do you print off the accomplishment papers prior to that day and make the banner ahead of time, or do you just clear the actual last day of school to be home prepping for this. I love how proactive you are and how you really think things through ahead of time. "When you feel prepared for… You feel cared for."
    Also… Just curious how you pull off things within the school setting/ parent framework of getting a head start on putting together the awesome retirement teacher gift and Mrs. C's gift. Obviously these type of thoughtful gifts take a lot of advance notice and cooperation and contribution from the parents. It's one thing to create something your self… But it's another thing to work with parents and students and getting back written notes and donations in time for a completed project. What's the secret to your success in getting the other parents to cooperate within your specific time frame?
    Paula R.

  5. I just cannot believe how fast they are growing! You and "Honey" are wonderful parents by teaching your boys, among other things, to have such a positive outlook on life. Amanda, I wish I could make a Walk of Fame for YOU! It would be a pink bricked road, miles long, with Lilly juice stands along the way, and mouse ears above each sign, recognizing all of YOUR incredible achievements! Bravo! Bravo! Hip, hip, hooray! Jane ~ San Diego

  6. I love how you make the little things so special. I will have to whip something up for our last day. We still have two weeks of school left. I can't wait for summer with my "big" kids. I'm sure there will be lots of sleeping in and pool time.

  7. This made tears come to my eyes. You are so talented and creative, I wish I had been there in person to see the walk, and I wish I could have been such a wonderful mother to you and sister as you are to your angels. Once again, you have earned another star in your crown, and I love Jane's Walk of Fame idea for you!
    Love, Marme

  8. The Walk of Fame is always one of my fave posts. Congratulations, boys on all of your accomplishments this year! And Happy Summer!

  9. This post was the sweetest story. How fun is it to reminisce ones accomplishments on a driveway walk! That is so clever! I feel like everyone needs a walk of fame every year!

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