Last Day of Kindergarten Ever

Well, the long awaited day has come and gone and summer is upon us.  I was a mix of emotions on John’s last day of kindergarten ever…

Thrilled for the long summer ahead that promises to bring lazy mornings, late nights, pool days and beach trips.

Sad that my first born’s first year of school came and went in the blink of an eye.  And even sadder knowing that I’m just on the brink of many more years that will pass too fast.

Scared to have two boys home all summer when I’m a little out of practice at managing their antics, arguments and general hyper activity.

My varied feelings aside, let’s get to the good stuff…how we marked the milestone of not just surviving kindergarten, but thriving in kindergarten!
FirstLast May 2012 716 cop2ySister, Mother and Bird were dolls to pop over for a few minutes while out running errands to help douse the PCP in silly string as he disembarked the big yellow bus.  He was a bit stunned and took a few seconds to be able to react.  As usual, I’m sure we were quite the sight to our neighbors hootin and hollerin around the road, Sister’s cast and all.
May 2012 755 cop2y
May 2012 762 cop2y Once he came to his senses, I guided him to his “kindergarten walk of fame”.  Using yard stakes left over from his cowboy party, I printed out his major milestones of the year and lined the sidewalk with his accomplishments:

became a math master
made new friends
rode the school bus
made loads of artwork
navigated a new school
promoted to first grade!

This only took a few minutes to do and it really showed him that we recognize how hard he worked this year and that we couldn’t be any more proud! 
May 2012 742 copy
  May 2012 736 copy He stopped to read each and every sign and was beyond thrilled when he sounded out “promoted to first grade!”
May 2012 765 copy May 2012 779 copy And at the end of his walk of fame, he crashed through the “Welcome to Summer” banner!
May 2012 734 copy

May 2012 771 copy Waiting on the other side was a sweet and simple celebratory snack!
May 2012 723 copy I reused the Kindergarten banner from the end of summer ice cream social and first day of school snack.  Other than the silly string (Dollar Tree), I had everything else on hand and threw it all together the night before.
May 2012 773 copy May 2012 723 copyWe dined on Trix Treats, watermelon pops, grape and blueberry push pops and mini tomato, mozzarella and basil (fresh from our garden!) bites.
May 2012 730 copy May 2012 726 copy May 2012 727 copy May 2012 731 copy May 2012 732 copy May 2012 733 copy And I presented the PCP with the same (but updated) medal that he got on the first day of school!
May 2012 728 copy May 2012 778 copy
After a few hours of relaxing on the sofa watching cartoons and playing the wii, we headed up to the club for an ice cream party and opening night of the pool.
photo (7) It was a little celebration to let him know just how loved he is.  I mean, I’m not anything if I’m not his number one fan!

Happy Summer, y’all!

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22 thoughts on “Last Day of Kindergarten Ever

  1. Wow! Only you! Congrats, John and like Uncle Ron, it will be a well deserved summer! Hope to see y'all soon! xo

  2. I felt as though I was writting this post myself for my K Graduate- sweet to see them move on but sad that our babies are growing up. Hang in there mom.

    ps- i know what you mean about the upcoming summer. I have also have 3 1/2 year old twins- yikes!!

  3. So cute! I love this idea! What a great way to start the summer. Your snack tables always look so cute and festive!

  4. What a great celebration! You really do think of everything and you guys must be quite the entertainment in your neighborhood! My youngest graduates kindergarten next month so I had tears in my eyes reading your post. It really will be the "last day of kindergarten ever" in our house. It does go too fast doesn't it?!! Congrats to your adorable grad!

  5. Wow, such a wonderful way to acknowledge him! I love the silly string greeting but the best part I think would be the signs noting his accomplishments. I think things like this are so encouraging for their self esteem.

    The snack table is adorable! All the food looks good but fun. Kudos to all!


  6. Congratulations to your son and all his accomplishments this year! YOU, my dear, are amazing! I sit in awe as I look through your photos on every post and she such creativity in you! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  7. What wonderful ideas, I love all the little details you put into yours & your kid's lives!! My daughter also graduated Kindergarten and is now a 1st grader. This year did fly by :(

  8. My baby graduated from preschool yesterday…I am having a hard time!
    Love the fun party! I have some fun stuff for my older ones on their last day next Thursday.
    I really like the watermelon on a stick
    Love your blog!!

  9. What a wonderful and creative mom you are, you brought tears to my eyes with this post!! To mark the day as you did just touched me so, so many moms are so self-centered now a days and to see a mom embrace motherhood as you have and the cretivity and effort you apply to your boys childhood memories are incredible! Please tell your mom that this mom thanks her for raising such a wonderful and talented youngwoman! It is such a genuine pleasure to read each and every one of your posts even though my youngest just turned 24!! Keep it up, your going to raise some increduble men one day!!! Love to you, enjoy your summer with the boys and look forward to your summer posts!! Lori

  10. Every kid should have a walk of fame! What a fab Mom you are!! Thanks for sharing his special day with us :)

  11. This is so fun. I'm going to do stuff like like while I can still get away with it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Okay, I'm sitting here fighting back tears at what a fantastic and creative mom you are. He will remember that forever. I think I will too. I mean, seriously that is the coolest thing.

  13. My child is not yet 2 1/2 but I have already pinned your ideas for when the time comes! I think the things you do for yourself and your family are incredible. I have only been following your blog for a week or so but you have already started working your way into my "people that inspire me" list which is not an easy list to make. If you ever become a speaker or start a class on 'How to be Dixie' and make your way to San Antonio then please let me know so I can sign-up! Enjoy your summer!

  14. I found your blog through Pinterest a few weeks ago and have been hooked ever since!!! I love the way you make your family your top priority and make even the most basic events super special! You've inspired me to do the same:)

    Just wondering if you would ever do a blog post on time management or how you seem to get it all done?!? You seem so energetic and organized!

    Take care:)

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