Well, the much anticipated first day of Kindergarten went off without a hitch!  As soon as the alarm buzzed, I scooted down the hall to the PCP’s room, turned on the light and whispered for him to start waking up.  Not two seconds later he’s bounding down the hall and excitedly proclaiming “I didn’t sleep at all.  I’m so excited.  I just laid awake waiting for the first day of school!!!”  Good heavens!  (I spent the day envisioning him falling slap asleep on his desk while the teacher wondered who on earth his irresponsible parents must be.)

He dressed, washed his face, brushed his teeth and hair and made his bed in record time and we headed downstairs for breakfast.  Honey dazzled us with his pancake making prowess, flipping J-O-H-N flapjacks onto the PCP’s plate.  That PLUS a magic straw that made regular milk turn chocolate milk and our little student was smiles all around!

Afterwards, we headed out to wait on the bus (that the PCP insisted he must ride on the first day, in spite of the fact that I felt it was my hard earned right to drive my first born safely to the school on the first day) and managed to get in a few swings of the baseball bat before we saw big yellow making it’s way around the corner.

The bus stopped and John, oblivious to my tearful wave and “I love you”, hopped right on and didn’t look back.  My heart was actually hurting at this point.

So I did what any crazy first time mom of a kindergartner does.  Why, I followed the bus to school, of course.  And I was able to help him find his classroom, unpack his bag into his cubbie and plant one more kiss on those sweet lips.  I’m SO glad I did that.  While it didn’t alleviate the fear of him sleeping through school, it did alleviate the nightmare of him wandering the halls by himself unable to locate his classroom.  Behold a face of pure bliss…

Before we knew it, it was lunch time, nap time and then time for the big yellow bus to round the corner again!!!  Hooray!  Cookie helped me set up a first day of kindergarten snack on the back deck but, bless his heart, fell asleep before the party even started.

I repurposed the banner from our neighborhood ice cream social as a backdrop for the little snack.

Nothing says back to school like an apple.  Pretzel sticks and mint leaves were the perfect cupcake toppers!
The chalkboard from our Kindergarten Eve pics, alphabet books and letter magnets adorned the table.


I made the PCP a medal to wear in honor of completing his first day of kindergarten!
A bottle of ice cold lemonade for the sweaty student :-)
The sweet boy finally back home after a great first day!

As we snacked on cupcakes and guzzled lemonade, I gobbled up every word (like his daddy they were few and far between) of his recount of his first day of school.  His favorite thing was playing outside.  He made a new friend named E, who he quickly clarified “is a boy” (as if I ever expected he’d deigned to play with girls.)  Mrs. B was “reeeeealy” nice.  And he “reeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy” wants to go back tomorrow.  Yippee!!!!

It was a day of new beginnings for all of us.  Honey waking up before the rooster crows.  Cookie missing his “brober”.  Me without my shopping buddy, lunch companion and best friend of the last five and a half years.  And, most importantly, a new beginning for John; The smartest, kindest, funniest kid I know embracing a new experience.  I am SO wholly and unabashedly  proud of my baby for bravely and happily heading off to school for the first time on his very own.  And we’re ALL eager to do it again tomorrow.

Sweet dreams are in order around here tonight!

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16 thoughts on “Kindergarten

  1. Hi…i am from east texas…and i love reading your blog. You actually may be my kindred spirit :) I dont blog myself…always say i dont have enoungh time with two little girls everywhere!!!..but i always have time to read them :) Anyway…congrats on school…we start in a week and i am soooo scared..and happy all at the same time. Ava (my daughter) is just excited to go! I hope everything continues to go well! Thanks for such a good read everymorning with my cup of coffee before the girls get up!!!

  2. How adorable to celebrate his fist day of kindergarten in such a sweet way. And having posted it on your blog, it is forever documented.

  3. You really know how to make things special for your boys! I think I will make a little medal for my son like you did! He loves things like that – he was so proud of his little karate one! I love your other ideas too but I don't know how creative I will end up being! Oh and I was just cracking up to read that you followed the bus and got him set up at school! He did look quite confident and laid back at his desk. 3 weeks to go for us!

  4. What a lucky boy! These are the things he will remember when he is all grown up. He will know how he was surrounded by love. I just think those pancakes are wonderful!

  5. Ahhh I know the feeling as I went through that last year as I have a 5 year old girl named Talya it was her first school year last year and she loved it and loves school thank God.

    Have a good study year you all.

    Love the pancakes.

    Karin Şen Cankan

  6. What a beautifully heartfelt post! I can just imagine you standing there all emotional while he casually boards the bus and goes about his merry way. That's a boy for you! I AM glad that you followed that bus and took photos at school. It makes it extra special for you both! What a loving, caring Mom you are to that gorgeous little boy! He will remember that day fondly…even if you think he was oblivious to it at the time. Very, very special!

  7. I loved to read this post. I am not a mom but I could feel your emotions. The cakes are cute.

    Thanks for linking up at Tea Time Thursdays @ Kreative Korner and adding to the fun. This post has been featured on Kreative Korner. Feel free to grab the 'Featured on Kreative Korner' button from the side bar and to use it on your blog.

    The party for this week is going on… hope to see you there again :)

  8. What a sweet story. My little guy is only 1 but I'm sure our story will sounds about the same. I love the apple cupcakes. I'm pinning those to come back to later.

    I found you through the CSI project and I'm your newest blog follower. Come check me out, too, if you're interested at

  9. We are fast approaching our 1st big day of Kindergarten (next week) I will definitely be using some of your ideas to make my little mans day super special. I have to ask though, where do you print your medal inserts from? Could you make them available for others to print (like the "smartie pants" one) thanks again for sharing such good ideas!!!

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