The Walk of Fame

Well, I can hardly believe it but the school year has ended and summer has officially arrived here in Georgia!!  Per usual, we took our last day of school pics, had our Walk of Fame, and indulged in a fantastic last day of school snack.

Whit took pre-K by storm and is beyond ready for Kindergarten.  (As for his Mommy, well that’s another story…)  We were so very proud of ALL of his accomplishments this year and celebrated them properly with his own very FIRST Walk of Fame!! 


During pre-K, Whit…
played on the fall championship baseball team
made new friends
learned to add & subtract
started reading
swam like a fish
played tennis
showed great handwriting

May 2014 485 copy copy

As for John, he totally rocked second grade.  There wasn’t a challenge he wasn’t eager to conquer.  He is growing into such a handsome, honest and bright young man and had his longest Walk of Fame yet!!


In second grade, John…
took 1st place in the science fair
played on BOTH the 8U & 10U tennis teams
was the 1st & 2nd grade chess champion for the 3rd straight semester
founded football club
made the baseball all star team
achieved perfect attendance
made new friends
had his first communion
brought home perfect math scores every.single.week
played 3rd base on the #1 baseball team in the regular season
voted winner of the sportsmanship award by his teammates
won 2nd place in the school marathon

May 2014 462 copy copy

After dousing John with silly string as he exited the school bus for the last time as a second grader, the littles proudly made their Walk of Fame!

May 2014 490 copy

Since this was the first year doing TWO walks, I set one up on each side of the driveway.  Our place was overflowing with accomplishments today, that’s for SURE!  Honey had to make a last-minute-before-work run to Home Depot for more yard stakes, for crying out loud!!!

May 2014 480 copy

May 2014 486 copy

May 2014 491 copy

 May 2014 488 copy

May 2014 492 copy

May 2014 494 copy

May 2014 474 copy

And, at the very end, they crashed through our annual Welcome to Summer banner!!!

May 2014 472 copy 

May 2014 497 copy 
This year’s last day of school snack was a Phineas and Ferb themed Ice Cream Sundae-inator bar!!!

May 2014 465 copy

May 2014 467 copy 
May 2014 502 copy

May 2014 503 copy

While the littles indulged in their sugary treat, we made our summer bucket list in a take from the Phineas and Ferb theme song…  “There’s 74 days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end it.  So the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it.  Like maybe…”

May 2014 471 copy

May 2014 504 copy

May 2014 507 copy

May 2014 505 copy

“Stick with us ‘cause JOHN and WHIT are gonna do it ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Summer is HERE and it’s bound to be GREAT!!!

PS. As I sit here marveling at the two biggest blessings in my life, a sweet reader has reached out to me for a prayer request for a family from her hometown that lost their dear five year old little to brain cancer just days ago.   I couldn’t not share his story and ask you, too, to keep Ben and his family in your thoughts.  You can read his story here.

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9 thoughts on “The Walk of Fame

  1. Boy how grown up does Whit look!!! You have some very handsome little guys !!! Love your walk of fame !! I am in the middle of planning my nieces summer kick off lunch and this post has me counting down the days :)

  2. Oh my word… love, love, love it all! The grins on their faces are just too much! Hope y'all have the BEST summer yet! :-)

  3. Okay, this post just brings tears to my eyes (happy of course). You rock as a momma girlfriend! What a fantastic way to kick off summer. They sure did accomplish a lot. And oh my, have they grown. John is looking more and more like his daddy!!!
    And, thanks for passing along the request for prayer. Will be praying and thinking about that precious boy and his family who I know are greatly mourning their loss.

  4. Thanks for posting the prayer request. I have followed Ben's journey. So tragic. Happy he is no longer in pain. Praying for family and friends.

    Susan from GA

  5. I love your blog! Love it even more after seeing your prayer request for Ben and his family, who are from my hometown of WNY.

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