The Last Day of First Grade

As cliche as it sounds, it seems like yesterday that we were loading up this little one for his first day of first grade!  Yesterday ended a first place year in first grade and we rang in summer in style.


The PCP was barraged by silly string as he exited the school bus and Mr. R  bellowed “Haaaaaaave a grrrrrrrrreat summer!!! See y’all next yeeeeeeeeear!”

lastday first grade2

It was a big year for John and, just like in Kindergarten, he kicked off summer by making his way through his very own “walk of fame!”  I picked his top ten accomplishments for the year and staked them right in the yard on a path leading from the bus stop to the porch.  (Please excuse the painters in the background.)

May 2013 412 copy

May 2013 393 copy

May 2013 414 copy

He paused at every single one, to read and remember.  I could literally see his smile grow and his chest puff with a sense of accomplishment as he made his way through. 

May 2013 396 copy 
And after the “promoted to 2nd grade” sign, he crashed through a Welcome to Summer banner!

May 2013 399 copy

May 2013 416 copy

A simple snack awaited on the porch.

May 2013 401 copy

May 2013 402 copy

May 2013 403 copy

May 2013 404 copy

May 2013 405 copy

May 2013 409 copy

May 2013 411 copy  
And I heard all about how his last day of first grade ever started with a fire drill and ended with puzzles and popcorn.

May 2013 418 copy

And the cherry on top?  After a loooong last day of school nap on the sofa, our pool season kicked off with an ice cream party!!!!


Summer is finally here, y’all!

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10 thoughts on “The Last Day of First Grade

  1. I love it! All of this makes such a beautiful memory for him and the accomplishments really build self-esteem. You are an incredible Mom!


  2. Amazing ideas! I would probably get as far as the silly string but loved seeing the signs.

  3. I love it! I just think it's the cutest thing. We often celebrate firsts, but Celebrating lasts is a great way to look back at actual individual accomplishments. What great memories!

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