The Monsters Are Back To School

Y’all know there’s nothing I love like an excuse for a celebration.  And we always celebrate the first day of school!!  Not only is it fun for the littles, but a nice party-like snack is a sly way to get them to slow down a bit and indulge all of my first day questions without even realize they’re doing it.

Anyhoo, since Monsters University has been all the rage with the littles this summer, and the very purpose of the snack was to celebrate MY monsters being back in school, I couldn’t resist pulling out all of the Mike, Sully and Randall stops!  They came on to the porch after their first day and their jaws literally dropped.  That single moment made it worth it all!

August 2013 120 copy

August 2013 138 copy

August 2013 137 copy
I took the photo of the littles when we went to the theater to see Monsters University this summer.  I couldn’t resist turning it into a bunting for the table.  I created all of the other images in photoshop, saved them as 4×6 jpg images and had them printed for $3 at CVS.

August 2013 136 copy

Sully was represented at the table in the form of Juicy Juice drink boxes and this easy peasy rice krispie cake!!!  I simply put a dap of turquoise food coloring paste in my melted marshmallows, molded it into a cake shape in a parchment lined pot, and then stuck purple chewy sweet tart ball things all over it for his spots.

August 2013 123 copy

Mike came to the table as granny smith apples and chocolate covered Oreos.  I already had the ingredients on hand, but you can find both sized eyeballs and the green chocolate melts at Michaels.  I used the same method as the Oreo apples last year.

August 2013 127 copy

Randall inspired purple grapes and M turkey and cheese sammies rounded out the menu.

August 2013 122 copy

August 2013 140 copy

I used the darling Pixar Place Monster University ID maker for the custom place cards.  Again, I saved them as JPGs and had them printed at CVS.


I filled cups (that we already had) with Monster snacks, stickers and pencils.


August 2013 141 copy

August 2013 160 copy

The PCP is holding up two fingers for second grade.  And Cookie?  Well, I guess he’s championing world peace.

August 2013 152 copy

Rrrrawsome John and Whit Wazowski show their true monster colors.

August 2013 154 copy

The littles had a ball gobbling up all of the Monster goodies and I soaked up every minute of their sweet and sometimes strange recaps of the first days of pre-K and second grade.  John already loves second grade Mrs. B “almost as much” as first grade Mrs. B.  And he made a new friend that he just adores and was thrilled that they got to play chess in the classroom when recess was rained out.  What is this new friend’s name, you ask?  Well, he “forgot to ask” :-)  (He tells me this right after he said they worked on learning each other’s names all day.)  The baby was right at home in Mrs. L’s class, seeing as he’s been hanging around her for the last three years since brother had her.  He is beyond excited to finally have his first “homework” assignment.

The monsters are back in school and we’re off to a “scary” start!!

See our first day celebrations for kindergarten here and first grade here!

Excited for the features at Moms & Munchkins and House of Hepworths!

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30 thoughts on “The Monsters Are Back To School

  1. You always amaze me with your creativity! Love the theme and all the decorations/food. Those boys are so blessed to have you as their mom!

  2. You are such a fun mama! Everything is adorable – I can see why their jaws dropped! :-) Wondering how I can pull this off for the first day of homeschool…

    And surely hoping my name is picked for that awesome monogram giveaway tomorrow! xo

  3. Oh my gosh — that is amazing! And I was feeling good about making brownies as an after school snack…

  4. This is such a cute party! I love the Mike eyeballs on the apples and sandwiches. I see some of these ideas in our future. :)

    (stopping by from the Elizabeth & co link party)

  5. Oh my word! This is fantastic! I have been waiting since yesterday morning to see this post! I just knew you had something fabulous up your sleeve to welcome the littles home from their first day! Great job! I'm going to see how you made those Oreos! I've been wanting to try those.

  6. I am dying to hear the story behind your youngest sons hair chop. He is so cute! I think it deserves a post.


  7. How fun is that! I know your boys will always remember what a fun mom you are and how special you make everything for them.

  8. You are one wild and crazy woman…all in a good way! You make my insanity look normal! I gotta ask…when do you put all of your projects together and where do you stash your current ones before the big reveal to the littles? We are all curious when and how you do it. Can you possibly give us a little insight into your daily routine (because it appears that all of your time is spent with your children)? Your blog is absolutely DELIGHTful.

  9. Looks like you've thought of everything! I hope your littles have a Monster good time in school this year!


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