Taking the Monsters to MU

One of the most anticipated outings of the summer occurred this week… taking the monsters to see Monsters University!  We almost never see movies outside of the dollar theater so this was a real treat.

photo 3 (5) copy

photo 3 (6) 
Thanks Mimi and Ampa for the darling Monsters shirts and for the sticker albums!  Much like our baseball sticker books, packs of stickers to fill the books are just $1 and can be found everywhere from Target to the Dollar Tree.

photo 4 (4)
photo 5 (4)  Less than two years ago we met Mike for the first time and the baby was terrified… my how time flies! September 2011 1014

Anyhoo, I must admit that I was just as excited as they were to finally see the movie.  We’re planning to re-watch Monsters Inc. tonight after Honey gets home and plans for MU Halloween costumes are already in the works!!

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7 thoughts on “Taking the Monsters to MU

  1. All 5 of us went to see it and loved it; even my 16 month old sat through all but the last 10 minutes.

    What a great idea for Halloween.


  2. Off topic,,, wondering if either of your boys are into the Octonauts yet? Man child is absolutely obsessed and I need someone to commiserate with!

  3. Whit loves most anything on Disney Jr. But I think Doc McStuffins beats Octonauts :-) "Time for your check-up. Time for your check-up…"

  4. I am cracking up over those expressions in the first picture! Wasn't that a cute movie? We never go to the movies but we went with friends last week. The kids loved it and I thought it was adorable – kind of a kids version of Revenge of the Nerds! Yes, I could see some Halloween costumes in our future!

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