Happy to Lend a Hand

Both of the littles’ teachers had hand sanitizer on their wish lists.  And that is an item I never mind purchasing :-)  When I mentioned it to That Southern Chick, she had darling custom labels in my hands in no time flat.


Before I got sick I had intended to print little cards that said something cute and witty.  But, alas, they went in with a little handwritten note that said “We are always happy to lend a hand this year.”  :-)

I’m hoping they can use some of the other bottles that come in to refill these cute ones.

How do y’all love to treat your teachers?  And if you are a teacher, what’s your favorite little treat to receive?


PS. I had my follow up with the surgeon and received the ALL CLEAR to start resuming my normal life.  Yippee!  Oh, and he also said I can resume my normal diet… the odd thing is that I had no idea I was on some sort of dietary restriction.  Thanks to loving friends, neighbors and Mother, I have eaten better in the last two weeks than in the last two years.
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12 thoughts on “Happy to Lend a Hand

  1. Those are absolutely adorable! You, my dear, are the queen of (making things) cute!

    I know you’re thrilled to have the good news from your follow-up. Glad to hear everything is a-okay! xo

  2. As a teacher, I loved a gift..it was an apple cookie cutter that had been pushed into a pan of thick fudge. So, the cutter filled with fudge was then wrapped in clear cellophane tied with plaid ribbon.
    Also, a teacher soup mug that said Souper Teacher and had a soup mix in it.
    I also loved gift cards for 5 dollars to Starbucks or sonic. Even just a flower. All surprise gifts are fun. Once a mom gave me two containers of glitter for the class..loved and needed those!

  3. Hi Amanda, I am so glad you are better and can start getting back to a normal life. I love the hand soaps they are great. One of the loveliest presents I received at the end of term from a lovely young man in my class was a plate with two scones a pot of jam and a pot of cream that he had made himself. It was such a treat to receive such a thoughtful gift. X

  4. glad to hear that you are feeling better and back to normal. since the kids began school I always start the year off with a one of my fav bath and body candles with a cheesy note that says “thanks for lighting the way for Lily this year”. I know cheesy but they all seem to like it.

  5. I got a gift from a student this week that was SO cute for the start of school. Bath & Body Works {PUMPKIN!!!!} soap that said, “I was ‘soaping’ you’d be my teacher.” Loved it!

  6. I love your blog ~ my kids and I had such fun putting together back to school gifts for their teachers using some of your past creative ideas… You are so talented.

  7. Cute tags. As someone who has worked with kids for years and years, please do not gift coffee mugs. It seems to be the gift of choice and yes, one can have too many coffee mugs! (I don’t even drink coffee so had no need for them.) I always felt bad putting them in the Goodwill bag, my my kitchen was already full. I have talked about this with other people that work with kids and found they too were always getting too many mugs.
    I usually give something like homemade treats (this year was orange curd), a small potted plant from Trader Joe’s, gift cards, your berry basket idea, etc.

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