Meet the Teacher + Team Tassels

I can hardly believe that we are on the brink of first and fourth grades.  We traded in our swim suits for polos and excitedly hurried up to the school for the annual Meet the Teacher event.  Our first stop was fourth grade.  John is in Mrs. B’s class.  She is from Romania, has traveled all over the world, has a fourth grader herself, and is rumored to do the most amazing science experiments.  To say he is merely excited would be an understatement.  He’s THRILLED!!!


We were all happy to see that he has a great group of boys in his class this year.  They are good kids from good families with big personalities.  :-)  I have been trying to guard myself a little but really must admit that I think it’s going to be a great year!!!!


Our next stop was the first grade hall.  This little thing lucked out with Mrs. M.  He was very timid at first but she almost immediately broke the ice when they realized off the bat that they both have goldendoodles at home!!!  Whit immediately launched into all sorts of silly Elsa stories and I almost teared up at how happy he was.


Mrs. M’s classroom is completely darling, inviting and inspiring.  Every single nook and cranny is just perfect.



Now, you know we don’t like to come empty handed.  Not only is it just a nice gesture, but it helps make those introductions a little easier.  The littles have something in their hands and, if they are having trouble thinking of something to say, a simple “This is for you…” keeps the conversation going.  Since I had Mother at the house, I talked her into making Team Tassel bracelets in our school colors!  I put a simple tag on top and we hand wrote a note on the back.


Mother already has a ton of tassel colors listed in our shop, but you can also always request a custom color to match your team.


We were super sad to learn that both chess and the STEM after school programs had filled up.  So…. John has finally gotten his wish to join Fit Club and Whit opted out all all after school activities.  On the bright side, I guess I saved a little money and will have a calmer schedule.  Neither of which is necessarily bad.


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15 thoughts on “Meet the Teacher + Team Tassels

  1. The Team Tassels – such a thoughtful idea. And the coveted Fit Club… a 4th grader’s dream come true.

    Hopeful for a fantastic school year! xo

  2. Here’s to a fantastic school year. I love that 1st grade classroom….makes you want to be there! Love, Marme

  3. So happy to hear both a thrilled with their new teachers! I know you are relieved as well. Praying they have a fantastic start on Monday. The tassel bracelets are so fun, and I know appreciated. I will have to pick up some for Elie to wear when coaching this fall.
    On a side note…not sure if it is just my computer, but the first couple sweet pics of John are sideways ;-)

  4. I love the team tassels! Those are the exact colors for my son’s school. Do I need to request different colors than those in the drop down menu? Thanks!!

  5. Your school year looks like it is off to a great start! With your Celebrate tab, I love reading through your entertaining ideas. So many great ideas that I can’t wait to try with my family. Thanks for sharing all the fun things you do to make dinners and holidays so special!

    1. You can just pick two of the custom color and say you want the ones to match ours in notes to seller at checkout :-)

  6. I teach 4th grade and I love it. If you have any questions this year, let me know. I am so happy for your kids. It does look like it will be a great years. The bracelets were a great idea!
    Michelle from

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