Preppy Papers Surprise {Giveaway}

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed.  The winners are listed below.  Please email me at [email protected] with your full name, initials and mailing address!!

Tonya – As a true southern girl I love a monogram on anything and everything! I have done my job in passing it on to my daughter to be the same way. :) Hard to pick a favorite but I’ll say pillows.

Michelle – hmmm it’s a toss up for the monogram – I always monogram my datebook, but I LUV monogrammed note cards

Pat – I already follow your blog! Anything monogrammed is special.

Emily – I love to monogram phone wallpaper and binder covers!
xo, emily

Celeste Harris – I read your blog all the time, but have just subscribed.

Jessica – I would monogram our lake house chairs. Nothing is better than sipping an ice cold beverage, looking over the lake in cute monogrammed adirondack chairs!

Ashley Gunter – My favorite thing to get monogrammed is little girls clothes.

Before I was taken down and out by that bothersome appendix thing (to put it lightly), I was planning to launch a brand new collection of absolutely fabulous prints in my preppy papers line!!  The new blog look has been a sneak peek of sorts…


I had spent days designing, tweaking and finalizing seven new punchy prints and patterns, AND will be introducing calling cards and flat note cards to the line up as well!  Think…

shake a tail feather
hold your horses
mix ‘n mingo
chomp chomp
pineapple of my eye
feeling crabby
on turtle time

Sounds fun, right?!?

To launch the line, I am going to do a huge SuRpRiSe giveaway for seven lucky readers!!!  Each winner will receive an item in a pattern of my choice (it will be good, don’t worry!) with his/her monogram.  The giveaway is open to US mailing addresses, and each reader can enter up to three times.  I will announce the winner on Daddy-O’s birthday August 21.  Here’s how to enter:

1. Subscribe to my blog by email using the form below and leave a comment letting me know.  If you already subscribe, just leave your comment letting me know that!

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2.  For a second or alternate way to enter, follow me on instagram and leave a comment letting me know.

3. For a third entry, leave a comment letting me know your very favorite thing to monogram.  I realize this will be hard as many of us slap a mono on anything not moving :-)

I just know y’all will adore these!!

Oh, and before I let you go, I thought I’d share a little update.  Both of the boys were supposed to come home on the bus yesterday, but when Mother went out to meet it, neither of them were on it.  I, of course, start freaking out.  Mother was headed up to the school to see if they were still there and I insisted on going with her… just to sit in the car.  I went in my pajamas, unshowered with hair standing on end and barefoot.  Because, I was just sitting in the car, remember?  Well, when she doesn’t come out after five minutes and I start to see the ladies that run the after school program running around outside on their walkie-talkies I FREAK.  I haven’t walked more than from my bed to the sofa in the morning and back in the evening, but I pulled myself out of the car and stumbled inside.   Barefoot.  In my pajamas.  Hunched over from the pain.  I seriously cannot imagine what people thought.  Mother sees me and is like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”  I was so upset, sweating from the effort of walking and was crazy scared.  Well, they found Whit in after school a few seconds later (long story on how that happened), but they still couldn’t find John.  On a whim, I called a neighbor at the bus stop before us to ask if he had been on the bus and she says yes, and not only that, but John got off the bus with her son.  I HAD told him he could play with her son the day before, but my intent was that he would come home as usual, have a snack, do homework and then play.  I guess he misunderstood and just got off there (with no permission slip, mind you).  Our trusted and loved bus driver of four years had also retired YESTERDAY so I guess the sub just didn’t know any better.  UGH.  Needless to say, I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening asleep.  On a positive note, it got me moving a little, which the doctor said I should start trying to do.  However, I had planned for my first foray into walking again to be a little jaunt to the kitchen, not a stumble across the school campus barefoot in my jammies.  The best laid plans…

Hoping for a much more “normal” day today!

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392 thoughts on “Preppy Papers Surprise {Giveaway}

  1. The pajama ensemble sounds like something I would do in the same circumstance. I do hope they were, at least, cute pajamas.

    1. As it turns out, they were not. I was in these tiny shorts that are so old the elastic fell out of the waist band… because they were not tight where my incision is! UGH

  2. Love monogrammed pillows, water bottles, jewelry, notebooks…oops…we were supposed to pick a favorite, right? Lol!

  3. I need preppy paper in my life. Therefore, I have subscribed to your blog (which I’ve been reading for years, BTW).

  4. My favorite thing to monogram are towels, because it’s a lovely Southern touch. Well, that and it’s a subtle reminder to my guests that the towels are mine and if they need new towels, I’m sure they can find a Motel 8 right around the corner. They’ll leave a light on for them. (I promise this is my last reply.)

  5. I monogram EVERYTHING but my favorite is probably stationary and other paper goods (my planner, cocktail napkins, etc).

  6. I follow you on both Instagram and signed up for your updates!
    What a whirlwind of a day for you! Glad you are feeling better though!

  7. I would monogram our lake house chairs. Nothing is better than sipping an ice cold beverage, looking over the lake in cute monogrammed adirondack chairs!

  8. I follow you on instagram! Also, loved seeing your gorgeous photo re-grammed yesterday by Southern Living- congrats! How scary for your littles not getting off the bus. Hoping your weekend is less eventful and relaxing :)

  9. How scary!! I would have totally been you…hysterical!! So glad it was a mis communication. When I taught preschool, one of our littlies was not picked up and we had to call several people before we found out Mom was on her way to the beach and I do not know who she thought was getting her baby!! I never liked her after… But moving around is best. Son Charles had his Gall Bladder out at age 25 and his nurse told him that some of her senior citizens were doing better than he was at moving about!! That got him up and moving. Now as to the give away…I follow on Instagram and for monogramming I am like most southern girls who will monogram anything but I will say stationery is my favorite. I never met a piece of paper I did not like. I use my sweet notebook I ordered from you to keep special quotes and Bible Verses close by on my night table.

  10. I most often monogram jewelry. I regret not having given my boys identical initials because I feel like a shirt is wasted when I monogram it! :/

    1. I know!! John and his dad share the same monogram, which I think will pay off one day. On most of his stuff from toddler on, I put just a “w” so it could go for Whit or our last name :-)

  11. My favorite thing to monogram (I embroider professionally!) is a sweatshirt. There is nothing quite like a monogrammed sweatshirt while trying to stay warm in the fall and attempting to look cute while doing it.

  12. My very favorite thing to monogram (is it breaking the rules to have two) and paper goods & jewelry pieces, though I suppose if I HAD to pick just one it would be jewelry.

    So as not to produce another comment, I’ll add on here – the Preppy Papers look fantastic & I adore the names. Can’t wait to see all of the designs! Hanks for the fun giveaway!

    And – oh my word! I know you must’ve been terrified about the boys! Bless your heart! What a way to get moving! xoxo

  13. My favorite thing to monogram is bags and luggage! It’s always so easy to be certain when something is mine at the airport! :)

  14. I subscribed to your blog.

    I follow you on Instagram.

    My favorite thing to monogram is (strangely) our phones. My girls and I have vinyl monograms on our phones! My son and husband (strangely) won’t let me monogram their phones. Spoilsports!

  15. My favorite thing to monogram is something that I might wear or on jewelry. I really like monograms on anything!

  16. My favorite thing to monogram—everything! But if I had to narrow it down, I would say fun, festive platters that can be used for a variety of purposes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. I absolutely adore your blog. First thing I read when I get to work. Shhhhh, don’t tell the boss!

    My favorite thing to monogram is a throw pillow. So many options!

    Following you on Instagram as well.

  18. Also, my favorite thing to monogram is baby clothes esp. for little girls. Having a boy who is post monogram phase, I am able to get my fix with things for my cousin’s girls.

  19. I can only hope that there were yearbook paparazzi clicking away as you stumbled into the school. You could always have proclaimed it to be PJ Friday! It’s just too funny to think about. Had it been me I would have had a coronary when the boys didn’t get off the bus. There would have never been a pajama event. So glad both boys were found safe. It seems you have another chapter for the book you must write.

    1. Mother is CERTAIN the rumor mill was going rampant after me walking barefoot across the parking lot in my pajamas with my hair all falling out of it’s ponytail. She said I looked baaaaad. :-)

  20. hmmm it’s a toss up for the monogram – I always monogram my datebook, but I LUV monogrammed note cards

  21. I receive every Dixie Delights blog post by email. It’s my favorite afternoon email alert. Your stories are not to be missed.

  22. that is so scary! I used to watch my niece and nephew and they would get off the bus at my house. basically the same thing – except the got off at my grandparents but so scary!

  23. My favorite thing to monogram is clothes for my granddaughter. I’m going to have to break down and replace my 1960s shoe phone with a smart phone even though I have a dumb finger. I’m missing out on far to many Instagram posts from you and Paige!

  24. Also, my favorite thing to monogram is paper! I used to manage a stationery store and I love all kinds of paper- calling cards, stationery, notepads… I’m so excited to see your new line of paper!!!

  25. All signed up here and follow you on IG!! Monograms are my favorite on my beach spikes, cutting boards, keychain, sheets, towels….everything!!! Love your blog!!

  26. I follow you on blogger. I love your blog and I think you are a wonderful mother! Your family is your top priority it is easy to see! I love monogrammed stationary and children’s clothing. I was always reluctant to put my children’s names on clothing. I feel a monogram is much safer.

  27. Just subscribed to your blog through email. Hard to pick my favorite thing to monogram but if I had to say it would be jewelry with my favorite piece being my monogram necklace which I received for my 50th Birthday. It made that milestone special.

  28. I receive your blog posts by email and they always make me smile! I just love your blog! My favorite thing to monogram would be my daughter’s clothes. I can’t resist! So glad your boys were found safe and sound.

  29. My favorite thing with my name on it (counts as monogrammed sort of?) is my Disney magic band! A more traditional form of monogram would be jewelry.

  30. I follow your website and IG! My favorite things to monogram are pillows, towels, bags, jewelry, anything, really!! Enjoy your blog so much! Hope you are on the mend.

  31. This post just screams ” Bless Your Heart”. Just purchased some stationary from you but so excited to hear you are adding calling cards as my boys are running low. Feel better soon?! Xoxo

  32. My favorite thing to monogram is bags/purses! I feel like it’s always nice to know what’s mine when I’m out and about and that way no one else wants to walk away with it. :)

  33. Favorite things to monogram: any household item…shower curtains, sheets, towels, upholstered furniture, drinking glasses, etc. Love to give monogrammed items for wedding gifts.

  34. Love waking up to monogrammed pillow cases and sheets. Signed up for Dixie Delights Delivered. I am a northern girl living the southern life vicariously through you! We love our Lilly here in Chicago too!

  35. Lately my favorite thing to monogram is pillows, but I also love monogrammed table linens and children’s clothes.

  36. I already follow your blog and Instagram. I love monogrammed everything but, I love to do my glass ware. This way both company and I can enjoy the monogram.

  37. Oh my goodness! So glad all ended well with the boys! I can only imagine how scared you must have been! And, I hope you feel better soon.

    I’ve been a reader a long time and just signed up for email.

    Love the names of your new papers!

  38. I love a good monogram! Between you and Paige at The Pink Clutch, I have lots of inspiration! But, I guess my favorite thing to monogram would be guest towels.

  39. I’d have to say my favorite thing to monogram is stationery. In this digital world, it’s such a treat to find a handwritten note in the mailbox. It means someone took time out for you to make your day a little more special. Having said that, we ladies tend to want to do so much for others that we forget to take time for ourselves, and making our stationery precious is an easy way to make those notes of encouragement, appreciation, and support as much of a pleasure to send as to receive!

  40. I follow your blog, follow you on Instgram and love to monogram everything but especially my Princesses clothes.

  41. I love to monogram everything but my favorite monogram right now is the one on my phone case…..probably because I use it all day long so it makes me happy ?

    Thinking of you during your recovery!!

  42. I like to monogram gifts for friends and children. I think it adds a special extra touch that is always appreciated.

  43. My fave thing to monogram is just everything! Since school started back, I just picked up my haul from the monogram lady…backpacks, lunchboxes, rain coats, you name it we can slap a monogram on it!

  44. I subscribe to and love reading your blog, although I must admit I miss getting the “full” article in my inbox and have to go to your website to finish reading it!

  45. As a true southern girl I love a monogram on anything and everything! I have done my job in passing it on to my daughter to be the same way. :) Hard to pick a favorite but I’ll say pillows.

  46. I love monogrammed towels, pillows, scarves, and jewelry, but the one thing I can not be without is monogrammed note cards!

  47. Amanda, I follow you on email and blog! As a retired elementary school administrator..I always told me parents that we never lost a child…but sometimes they took an extended ride! As soon as we get a phone call about a child that didn’t get off the bus..we check After Care at school…call the bus driver…(all our drivers have cell phones) then ask the parent about any friends that ride the same bus to see if they made their own play date! It has always been one of those options! making sure 100’s of little’s get home properly the first week of school is a daunting task!

  48. So sorry about the boys after school adventures. What an awful day for you.
    I love monograms on note paper. I still use mine from my wedding in 1963. For wedding thank you notes it was in gold. Now it is a deep red with paisley lined envelopes.

  49. I, too, love anything monogrammed. I adore my monogrammed jewelry and always give monogrammed towels as graduation and shower gifts. However, since I’m now the proud grandmother (first time!) of a beautiful baby girl, I think her clothing will be my very favorite thing to monogram. I’ve warned her Mommy that I’m addicted and she’ll have to understand!

  50. I read your blog daily! Now I have subscribed to receive it by email.

    My favorite things to monogram are stationery and jewelry.

  51. I follow the blog and IG. Would love anything monogrammed. The new designs are great. As a nurse, I would recommend that since you’re a week post op, you definitely should be walking ( and more than to the kitchen). You MUST be up and around for your best recovery.

  52. I’ve been a subscriber for quite a while and I absolutely LOVE your blog and Etsy items. Because of your blog I now have a love for all things Lilly Pulitzer! I don’t think there is anything that I wouldn’t monogram. Hope you will be well soon. Keep up the good work.

  53. Oh my gosh, you poor thing!! It goes to prove just how fiercely we protect our “cubs”!! Hope you’ve taken it easy since!
    I do subscribe already and follow you on Instagram. I would love to win one of your new designs!!!
    Thinking of you,

  54. I follow your blog, via email.
    I follow you on Instagram, also.
    My very favorite thing to monogram is pullovers…wear them All. The. Time. in cooler weather.

    Hope you’re starting to feel better! Any “belly surgery”, but particularly emergency surgery, knocks the wind right outta your sails for, like FOREVER!

  55. I’ve been on vacation and have missed so much!! Since you know I lovingly stalk you, I saw your sister’s post on FB for prayers when you were hospitalized. So scary!! Glad you are up and around, even if it wasn’t how you planned. Anyhoo, I’m looking forward to catching up on your posts and I am now following your blog my email. How was I not doing that before?? Add that to my growing bag of ways to stalk you! ;-)
    Btw, my new favorite thing to monogram is, thanks to your blog, polo shirts from Target for my son. He’s only 3 but he needs to look dapper in his preschool class! My husband says “its not a competition”. Uh…yes it is.
    Glad you’re feeling better!

  56. Love following you on both your blog and Instagram! I ADORE monogrammed kitchen towels and casserole covers.

  57. Signed up for your emails. I would monogram a pillow for my master bedroom. Thanks! Love your blog. Hope you get up and around soon!

  58. I follow you each and every day on your blog and instagram. My favorite thing to monogram would have to things for my son and teenage girl. They are my heart. I just picked up their monogramed backpacks for school. Back to school, here we go.

  59. OH, my heart was in my throat as I read this, even though I knew your boys had to be okay. Phew!
    I’m an email subscriber and would love to win one of your goodies.

  60. I already follow and love your blog!! My favorite thing to monogram is a bag of some kind, well any kind and it shows here at my house haha. I work in The Transportation Office of my local school system –we have things happen, sub drivers have a hard job–just doesn’t make Moms or Grandmothers worry even less. Just don’t ask the school system where my Grandchildren attend about that Grandmother thing????? hahaha

  61. Hi ~ What a treat of a giveaway! I ordered quite a few of your notepads as teacher – end of year gifts (they loved them) and wished I’d gotten 1 or 2 or 3 for myself. Thanks for the chance!

  62. And lastly, I really like monogramming pillows ~ throw pillows, bed pillows, dog pillow (of course it’s with her monogram), any pillow. I adore the personalized touch!

  63. Bless your heart! I would have flipped out about my kids not getting off the bus too!

    I follow your blog and get the email updates. My favorite thing to monogram is…any and everything! Clothes, sandals, stationery, bags, backpacks, linens, etc., etc!!

  64. I am a faithful follower of your blog.

    I adore monogrammed towels and sheets. There is nothing more divine!!!

  65. Enjoy reading your blog! Favorite monogram spot – jewelry & linens. Thank you for offering a giveaway! Feel better!

  66. I am a subscriber to your blog already. I love monogrammed stationary, jewelry, linens, and tote bags.

    Wishing you a continuing recovery.

  67. I follow you on email and instagram. I love your decorating sense and all of the monograms! My favorite monogrammed item is a throw pillow. p.s. feel better!

  68. Already a subscriber to your blog. I love monogrammed stationary, jewelry, linens, and tote bags.

    Wishing you a smoother recovery.

  69. I have a 7 mos. old grandson. I am into having things monogramed for him. Am doing a Baptismal gown for him by hand.

  70. I would say my favorite thing to monogram is linens. Although I also have a monogrammed pink baseball cap that I wear on the beach and people compliment me on it all the time! By the way, I have been having a hard time entering comments. As I type, I keep getting thrown back to the top of your blog and I have to keep scrolling down to finish. Just thought I would let you know in case I am not the only one having the problem.

    1. I need a monogrammed hat! And sorry about the comment issues???? This whole thing has been a real learning experience. I’ll see what I can find out!

  71. I subscribe to and follow your blog. I follow you on Instagram. Favorite thing to monogram–anything! I’m a Southern girl! :)

  72. One of the many things I love to have monogrammed is my pillowcases. It just makes crawling into bed more fun!

  73. BTW, what a great question to ask! I hope you compile all of the responses and do a monogramming post. I am always looking for something else to monogram or a new monogramming idea. I bought a monogrammed book from your etsy site a while back and use it to put my chalkboard ideas. I just love that little notebook. I am sorry you haven’t been well and about the scare with your boys. Nothing is more frightening than thinking something might have happened to your children.

  74. I love monograms on just about everything-especially towels (kitchen and bath) and anything belonging to my daughter-shirts, makeup bag, chrome book case-you get the idea! :)

  75. My favorite thing to monogram are the items I sell through Initial Outfitters! My most favorite being our jewelry – earrings, necklaces ,bracelets! Make me smile every time!

  76. I love your blog and of course I follow you on Instagram! Hope you feel better!
    My favorite thing to monogram is everything! If I have to choose its our Disney shirts!

  77. I love monogramming anything for my children! I signed up to receive your e-mails, and I already follow you on Instagram! :)

  78. I monogram pretty much everything…even just got a job in a little monogram boutique! I think my favorite, though, is my 8 year old son’s shirts. I think it makes him look so much more polished to have a monogrammed polo rather than just a plain one.

  79. I subscribe to your blog and follow on Instagram. Thank you for the constant inspiration! My favorite monogrammed item is a baseball hat I had made for my honeymoon!

  80. Already a reader! I love monograms and initials. For almost two years I’ve been collecting W’s in all shapes and sizes. Currently my favorite is a giant script W that is suspended by a ribbon on my front door.

  81. Ps, hope you are well on the road to recovery, it is never good to be sick but when you have small children it is especially challenging! Hang in there and get all the rest you can while you have the help. Enjoy this time with your mom as much as you can, I am sure alone time with her is hard to come by these days! Make some memories if you can!

  82. I’ve been praying for you and your family! So sorry to hear! I know how hard it is to run a house when recovering from surgery! I follow on Instagram and am subscribed to your blog through email! My favorite thing to monogram is probably towels! But I love to monogram anything and everything! Hoping to win the giveaway! Xo

  83. Of course I follow your blog and your Instagram! I love to monogram everything but my favorite is my phone because I can constantly enjoy it!

  84. I love monograms on a variety of things; my favorite is probably stationery. Thanks for the giveaway and prayers for a speedy recovery.

  85. I monogram anything and everything. Right now, I’m reorganizing my desk so I’ve been putting decal monograms on all my little Lilly Pulitzer notebooks, a pencil holder and a few binders.

  86. Your blog is a must read subscription and I do love a monogrammed shower curtain (along with everything else that is). :)

  87. Hi
    I subscribe to your emails(haha and I am working my way reading all of your past blogs:)
    Love love your stories! So cheerful and gets me thinking how I can spruce up my home!

  88. I follow your blog and instagram. I have a monogramming machine so I love EVERYTHING monogrammed but my favorite thing is hats.

  89. Also, my favorite thing to monogram is probably a cute vest, especially quilted or fleece. That was a tough choice!

  90. I love, love, love anything that is monogramed!!! From clothing to things around the house.
    What I really love is the patterns that you use, they are soooo Lily!!! Looking forward to seeing the wonderful things that you offer.

  91. …and my favorite thing to monogram is…everything! If I had to choose, I would probably say linens. But thank goodness we don’t have to choose just one thing!

  92. My favorite monogrammed item from this summer has been baseball caps for my daughters. They looked adorable AND avoided sunburns!

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