Do You Know the Peanut Man?

For some odd reason I’ve had the “Do you know the muffin man?” song stuck in my head.  Now you do too…  I apologize.  Kinda.  When my littles were itsy bitsy littles we adored attending The Music Class each week.  When we sang this song, the littles (and mommies alike) were invited to suggest new words.  So the second verse might be “Do you know the trash man?” and the third verse might be “Do you know the teacher lady?” Well, if I’d had The Peanut Man back then, I wouldn’t have been able to resist adding this in to the song.  Those were the days…. but I digress.

When we were in Savannah this summer, the only thing I brought home was The Peanut Man.  I found him in the shop at Byrd’s Cookie Co. and the second we locked eyes I knew I had to take him in.

DSC_0936 copy

I certainly don’t *need* any new home decor, so it has to be something pretty special for me to buy it these days. {OMG… I just told a bald faced lie… He wasn’t, in fact, the only thing I brought home.  I forgot about the mirror from Clutter.}  And The Peanut Man fit the bill.  He’s quintessential Georgia (we are the peanut capital of the country), he’s quirky, he’s unique, he serves a purpose (to hold peanuts, of course), and I just really like him.

DSC_0939 copy

The Peanut Man happily hangs on the pie crust table in my den.  And let me just tell you, my family and guests alike have really enjoyed downing peanuts by the handful.  I’ve bought two jars since he came home.  Which is two more than I’d bought in a good long while.


Anyone want to place a bet on how long it will be before Elsa-bellsa makes acquaintance with The Peanut Man?!


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9 thoughts on “Do You Know the Peanut Man?

  1. Have you met the famous Peanut Man in Sandfly? He and his sweet wife sell the best boiled peanuts on the weekends here in Savannah.

  2. Love the Peanut Man! He’s so sassy with that hand on that hip! We live in Ocala, Fla. and we always know we’re halfway to Atlanta when we see the giant peanut on I75! Oh my with Elsa! LOL!

  3. LOL, I just posted Mr. Peanut snack sets from 1939..worlds’ fair in my shop—LOL. Anyways, cute post, and I would snag that if I lived in Georgia too…here I have to settle for Wrigleys chewing gum, or wisconsin cheesehead stuff, if I revert to “I was born a cheesehead.”

    I love those things that make you smile and laugh at yourself, my mom left me all sorts of ‘treasures’ er/hum crap like that. Thanks for the smile, Sandi

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