Tomorrowland Virtual Race

I mentioned in my I Love {Podcasts} post how much I adore Lou Mongello at WDW Radio.  There’s no better way to kick off the day in a happy and positive way than to hear him chat about all things Disney!  Meeting him in real life needs to be added to my bucket list.

Now, the littles are always interested in and inspired by the medals I bring home from my Disney races.  But the timing has never worked out to take them to one of the kids race events.  Not to mention I can’t figure out the logistics of how that would actually happen (kids race + adult race = needing a babysitter).  So, as soon as I heard about the WDW Radio Tomorrowland Virtual Race I hopped online and signed up!

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up HERE to join the Tomorrowland Virtual Race.  The cost is $25.
  • Check the WDW Radio Running Team Facebook page as the event gets closer to print your race bib.  (This isn’t required, but definitely makes the event more legit for my littles.)  It also makes a great keepsake.
  • Any time in the month of October, “run your race” by running, walking, wogging, dancing, prancing or blasting off.  This can be any distance from a 5K to a marathon.  And you can do it in your neighborhood, in a park, on a treadmill or anywhere.  It’s up to you!  We are going to run/walk our virtual race with a 5K distance as a family, and probably in conjunction with an item on my 40×41 bucket list.
  • Congratulate yourself on a job well done, share your pics on the WDW Radio Facebook page, and wait on your awesome medal to arrive in the mail.  (They ship early November.)

Oh, and the best part? Your registration not only covers the cost of the medal, but also a donation to The Dream Team Project to benefit Make-A-Wish Foundation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If any of you decide to do the race, let me know so we can cheer each other on!!  The deadline to sign up is THIS Sunday, September 20.


WDW Radio Tomorrowland Virtual Race Registration
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5 thoughts on “Tomorrowland Virtual Race

  1. I’m actually in the middle of training for the Walt Disney World Marathon in January, so this is a must do! I know I’ll complete at least a half marathon in training runs, probably more!

    Also, have you tried out the Unofficial Guide’s Disney Dish podcast?

  2. This sounds so fun!!! I think my husband and my 4 year old son would like to do this too. All that extra exercise will help us be prepared for our November Disney trip. Yay!

  3. I actually might do this! how fun is that???

    Too bad I can’t count our trip to the world as my “marathon” as I’m sure we’ll be walking at least 9-12 miles a day!!!

  4. I’m signing up for it! Thanks for bringing it to my attention! I love virtual races–they help motivate me for my training runs in preparation for Dopey at the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend in January! If you like virtual races, check out the ones offered by Hogwarts Running Club–they are all Harry Potter themed. Your littles might get a kick out of that!

  5. Hi Amanda!! Thank you SO much for your kind words and for listening to the show! :) And I sincerely appreciate you helping to spread the word about the Virtual Race and our efforts to help the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America! I hope to see you in Walt Disney World one day soon! Thanks again! keep being awesome!!!

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