Christmas Jars {Giveaway + Gift Idea}

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed.  Congrats Sherry B. on winning the book! If you’ve been around here for a while you will know that I have a great deal of love for the Christmas Jars book, story and “movement”.  This book touched me in a way that not many others have and, for the last three… Read More

Let Your Life Change the World {Our First Passover Seder}

We had the honor of joining two families, both friendships made through John, for their Passover Seder a little while back.  They were so incredibly generous to include us in their celebration, as it was something I had expressed an interest in just one time many months ago. The adult and kid tables alike were… Read More

Christmas Jars {Giveaway}

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congrats “grammygoodwill” on winning!  Please email me your contact information. I posted nearly this exact same thing two years ago, but I felt moved to bring it back as a gentle reminder again in 2017.  One of the things I love most about being home in Savannah for Christmas… Read More

2017 {Make Today Delightful + My Old Standby}

I’m not one to really make new year’s resolutions.  I think when I was younger it was because they were all impossible and promptly forgotten within a few days.  In reality, things are good here – we’re happy, healthy, blessed.  So, in 2017, I want to keep on keeping on, making every day delightful.  It… Read More

The Compassion Experience

After mass yesterday we took the littles to The Compassion Experience.  Through the stories of two real children, we were immersed in other cultures, deeply saddened by the realities of growing up in poverty, and inspired to help.  The audio tour guides your family through the sights and scenes of daily life in three different impoverished countries.… Read More