Hollywood Studios + Mama Melrose’s

Hollywood Studios is in the midst of tons of changes, but that certainly didn’t damper our fun!  A couple of our favorite attractions are here… and the fact that some of our other stand bys are not left us with time to try new things!  We spent two days in this park.





Now that all four parks have a Starbucks, that was a first stop.  More coffee (and hot chocolate… yes, it was 90 degrees) with character…




The baby rode Rockin Rollercoaster for the first time.  The pic of his face had me in hysterics.  He said he liked it but would never do it again.  John and I ended up riding it once the first day and then three times IN A ROW one evening when it starting raining near park closing.






Tower of Terror is another fave.  We guilted Honey and Whit into joining us for one visit to the Tip Top Club, but after that it was just the two of us.










I immensely enjoyed myself at the Frozen Sing Along.  I think the boys did too :-)


We had one fast pass for Toy Story  Midway  Mania so we rode that exactly one time.  Always fun!  Happy they are expanding it.



Bestie M calls her class in from recess with a Donald quacker.  It broke so I picked her up a new one.  One thing led to another…


We did the Indiana Jones show and the Lights Motor Action show for the first time in FOREVER.  Loved both!


No trip to MGM is complete without the Muppets.  We missed the premier of their TV show while we were in Disney.  Can’t wait to catch up on that!!



Mama Melrose’s was running late so we visited with both Phineas and Ferb and Mater and Lightening McQueen while we waited for our table.  Not too shabby!





John bumped into a cute little friend!


And we did our fair share of snacking.  We ALL crave the Carrot Cake Cookie when in this park.  We got them both days.


It was our first time dining at Mama Melrose’s and we all enjoyed it.  I never hear much about this place but our food was plentiful and yummy.  We did the Fantasmic! package, but didn’t end up staying for the show.  I had the mussels for my app and pasta with vodka sauce and shrimp for my entree.  Both were delish!  Honey had the steak and said it didn’t quite measure up to Yachtsman but the sides were better in his opinion.  (I doubt that.)






When we came out of dinner it was raining and the park only had about 45 minutes until close so people were flooding out.  We had no ponchos and went on our merry way totally drenched.  It was SO MUCH FUN because we rode Tower of Terror three times in a row with NO wait AND Rockin Rollercoaster three times in a row with no wait.  All within 45 minutes.



One more park to go!!

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7 thoughts on “Hollywood Studios + Mama Melrose’s

  1. Looks fun! When reading your site on my iPad, it is constantly jumping up and down, making it really hard to see. Not sure if this has been brought up before, but thought you should know. Works fine on the laptop, but not the iPad. Never had this problem with other sites, but always with yours.

  2. Your meditation poses are too funny! These are all just great and I always appreciate your food reviews. My recent visit to Disneyland left a lot to be desired in that department, although the huge Downtown Disney promenade between the parks has all sorts of eateries….and an amazing French macaron cart! But one could surely survive on Disney’s beignets alone! ;-)

  3. Amanda, My Ipad also has this jumping and blinking problem that developed when you introduced your new format and design. I thought it might be my connection until I read Christine’s comment above but it doesn’t happen on my desktop either. As your site loads, the content rapidly blinks and freezes about four or five times. It eventually settles down but will start again if I zoom in on a photo (like your Tinkerbell shoes!!!) Please feel free to email me if you need more information that might be helpful. Thanks, Amanda (and Christine.) We girls just have to have our Dixie Delights as quickly as possible! :-)

  4. Tower of Terror is one of my favorite rides. Rockin rollercoaster is one of husband’s favorites. We’ll be using rider swap this time since neither of my boys are tall enough to ride rockin and I can guarantee the oldest will be too scared to ride ToT. Mama Melrose’s and 50’s Prime Time are the two restaurants I really want to try. I hear good things about both. Maybe next trip!

  5. Sounds amazing! Tower of Terror is our favourite ride but we didn’t get chance to do Rockin Rollercoaster as it was full. My daughter thinks you are very lucky to have got on three times. I think she is slightly jealous ha ha xx

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