4 Gifts + A Letter to Santa

For Christmas, our family goes by a four gift rule from Santa.


The “DO” gift is always the most anticipated!  It has involved everything from tickets to a show or exhibit to an overnight in town to a full on trip.  This year they will get the trip to Los Angeles that we’ve been planning for months!!!!!!

In addition to Santa gifts, we also give them something from us, a stocking and a Christmas ornament for their trees.  So, all in all, Christmas is pretty simple.  We knocked ours out entirely before the first day of December even hit!

I created a Letter to Santa to use this year so that I could really nail down exactly what they were wanting.  It was fun and easy and I didn’t end up with a Target toy catalog with every single thing circled.  :-)  You can find the instant download in the Dixie Delights Shop!  There is also a page included that doesn’t have the “4 gift” list, but just blank spaces.

DSC_0392 copy

With that, y’all be sure to pop back by tomorrow for the 12 Days of Christmas Tour of Homes!!



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4 thoughts on “4 Gifts + A Letter to Santa

  1. I love the 4 gifts rule – but especially the “Do”. We adopted this last year for the first time ever – right down to the balloons floating out of the bags – and it was such a HUGE hit we’ll never do it any other way!

    The Santa list is ADORABLE!

    Can’t wait to see your home tour! xo

  2. We used a similar guideline with our daughters when they were younger. Santa brought 3 gifts….plus something to read and new pj’s to be opened on Christmas eve. It worked beautifully and our children never had the “gimmies” or felt deprived.

  3. This is too cute! I got the Hallmark magic letter from last year and it is fabulous too since we get an instant reply after placing the letter inside the freezer!My son was just so amazed at how fast Santa and the rest of his gang would reply!

  4. We do something similar.
    Santa brings 3 gifts and we (momma and daddy) do the 4 gifts. We do a family ornament (represents something that waa big that year for us – this year we went to AZ we got an authentic Zuni Native American bulb ornament with a dream catcher in it) and a personal ornament for my little (also representing what was big the past year, sports, 1st flight, or favorite character, etc)

    We like to do a movie also, gives us a family thing to do

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