Magical Monday {Come Inside, It’s Fun Inside}

I gave a sneak peek of our new Disney door hanger when I shared our We’re Going to Disney Game Night a few weeks ago!

DSC_0036 copy

It’s from Fort Sturgeon on etsy.  I think it’s just the bees knees.  And y’all know how I loooove my door hangers.

DSC_0040 (2) copy

What’s SUPER exciting about it is that I asked for her to give it a base coat of solid black on the back.  Then I painted over it with two coats of chalkboard paint.  So it’s kind of like having two for the price of one now.  Remind me to share that thought with Honey…

DSC_0043 copy

Since it’s on my front door, I took a line from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and wrote “Come inside… it’s fun inside.”  It would also make a darling countdown chalkboard!!

DSC_0044 copy

Of course, the pups got new ribbons for the occasion.  I also changed out the burlap bow that came on the door hanger with red and black from my stash.

DSC_0050 copy

While I have y’all, can we please just take a minute to gawk at those ferns.  Seriously.  I’ve never grown anything so well in my thirty-nine and a half years.  I will cry real tears when they freeze this winter.


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6 thoughts on “Magical Monday {Come Inside, It’s Fun Inside}

  1. Apparently you can bring the ferns in for the winter…or maybe just try the garage if you aren’t that concerned, but want to give them a bit of a fighting chance??

  2. yes, store your ferns in the garage this winter and they will be fine! Ours are HUGE (they are across the front of our house) and we actually left them out all winter except for once or twice when they called for a hard freeze- we just put them in the garage! Our neighbor has a TON of ferns and they are massive- they make her back patio look so lush!

  3. I live in WI and we bring ours in (along w/ geraniums & spikes) to winter over every year and they live! Our garage is heated, but we only keep it at about 48*, but they are fine. The hardest part is remembering to water them. I put reminders on the computer calendar and my phone, and even when I have forgotten and they went for 12 days or so, they all survived!! Good luck!! Just be sure to bring them in before the first freeze.

  4. Hi Amanda! Long time lurker here….lOVE the blog though. We are local to WDW so go pretty often but we are going to MVMCP on Sunday. Have you been? any tips??

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