Christmas Jars and Christmas Eve {40×41}

As y’all might know, we’ve been saving in our Christmas Jar all year long…

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I encourage you to read the book, Christmas Jars, as I cannot retell the story so beautifully.  But the premise behind the Christmas Jar is that you contribute to it throughout the year.  Your pocket change.  A few spare dollars.  And every time you do so, your spirits are lifted.  On Christmas eve, you anonymously give the jar to someone in need.


Now, in conjunction with finding a recipient for our Christmas Jar, I also had “Spend Christmas Eve doing random acts of kindness (I have talked about this for three years)” on my 40×41 bucket list.  So, we set off after lunch each armed with $20 and our jar!  We brainstormed ways we might each want to use our money and we all had different ideas.  Honey wanted to give his to someone – cold hard cash.  I shopped for a little care package for a family at the hospital, Mother shopped for a child, Whit shopped for various snacks and toys, and John spent his on a whole bunch of Subway sandwiches and bottles of Coke.  We then hit town to find recipients.  I do want y’all to know that I’m not sharing this for a pat on the back.  But rather to simply share the idea.  It was the most humbling Christmas Eve I’ve ever spent and I will say that we will NEVER forget the look on the person’s face that received our jar.  It nearly brings me to tears just thinking about it.


Back at home, we got started on our Christmas Eve preparations.  First it was cookies and an ice cold Co-Cola for Santa…


And then the group headed outside to leave snacks for the reindeer.  It was one foggy Christmas Eve!




We took one last picture by the tree…


And piled in for a Twas the Night Before Christmas bedtime story before it was off to the bunk room for the littles.


Once they were all fast asleep, our annual adult wrapping party kicked off.  Wine, music, gifts…



And would you believe that Sister, the last one up, discovered the reindeer hoof prints and even snapped a pic of jolly old St. Nick himself?!?!



Merry Christmas Eve to you and yours!


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5 thoughts on “Christmas Jars and Christmas Eve {40×41}

  1. We’ve done some version of this for many years – a tradition started by my mother’s family when we were young & continued in our family today. One of our favorite traditions! xo

  2. Love all the matching jammies! Mine wore the same jammies Bird and CeeCee wore but with a smocked Santa instead of the tree. Cuteness!! And we had those exact same Reindeer tracks on our back porch (from Hoppy Paws). So fun!!! Merry Christmas!

  3. Can you please tell me where you got the green wrapping paper? I did plaid this year but next year want to pink and green Lilly inspired of course.

  4. Amanda, I love the Christmas Jar idea and read the book several years ago. It is a tradition in our family, too. Also love how your are putting the focus on others at Christmastime. Good momma you are. Just catching up with your blog and all the holiday happenings. (I finally updated my own after two weeks hiatus last night.) I hope you have a wonderful day and a new year full of blessings.

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