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We were so excited to try a new resort for this little long weekend jaunt and Disney’s Pop Century Resort did indeed live up to its hype!  Pop is in the value resort category but we found it to be leaps and bounds above All Star.  I’ll be honest and say that we originally looked to stay at Universal since we were headed to Harry Potter but their value option was $100 a night more than Pop ($230 vs $130).




Like everything Disney, Pop was decorated to the hilt with trees, garlands and wreaths.


The resort hub is the Classic Hall where you will find check-in, Everything Pop Shopping & Dining, the Fast Forward Arcade and the Hippy Dippy Pool.  When booked a room with a preferred location and were on the tail end of the 70’s building closest to Classic Hall.  It was literally a 3 minute walk to all of this.


My littles loved this area off of the lobby with a “retro” tv and arcade games.  Ah… who am I kidding?  Honey did too.


We were all fascinated by the shadow boxes of decades in the lobby.  For different reasons, obvs.  Honey and I to relive our childhood (I think between us we had everything in this box) and the boys to inquire “what is THAT?”


I actually had this phone.  To my point above, the littles could not believe this was a phone.  HA!  Raise your hand if you had it too…


Ok, so on to the rooms.  They are extremely basic and I would say the only negative about Pop.  If you treat Disney like a cruise where you use your room simply to lay your head at night then this would be perfect.  If you like to luxuriate on a balcony overlooking the Seven Seas Lagoon or a bevy of safari animals, then this is NOT for you.  We travel to Disney both ways – and while we didn’t have park tickets and would be spending a lot of time at the resort (a lot for just a long weekend), we still knew we wouldn’t be spending that time IN the room at the resort.  So this worked!  When we come for a week and like to sleep in and drink coffee on the balcony then this is not our top choice.  The rooms are clean and that is what matters to me.  For Honey, however, the value resorts only have double sized beds rather than queens and he really just can’t fit in the bed comfortably.  So a long weekend is really the max for him in this type of room.


Back to the good stuff… there is a fair amount to do at Pop.  First, the resort is like a feast for the eyes of a child.  Mine absolutely adored exploring all of the toys from present and past.  It’s definitely worth a walk around the resort to check it all out!





(oops… we saw the no climbing sign on the other side of this after our picture)





We had some great laughs playing Twister right outside of our building…


The littles hop scotched every time we passed through the lobby…


And they also hula hooped, two-stepped, played corn hole, and enjoyed giant building blocks at various places around the resort.  There was a playground right out side of our building that Whit really enjoyed.  Pop does have a Movie Under the Stars each night but since our key plans were all at night we didn’t get to partake.

Our very favorite way to pass the day was at the Hippy Dippy Pool!!!!!!!  It was HUGE and in such a lively and colorful setting.  It was a fun novelty to swim in December and it was really the perfect weather for it.  The pool had all the usual sorts of fun and games so that was as entertaining as always.  Our family faves are bingo and trivia.  One disadvantage of the value is that you have to bring towels from the room to the pool.  You can also get a stack in the lobby.  Oh, and there is no slide if that is a must for your family :-)





We enjoyed the Everything Pop Food Court.  We found lots of good options and everyone was happy.  We also loved that they took our Tables in Wonderland card so we saved 20% on everything.  I think this was the least we’ve ever spent on food.  Also, the portions were large enough that all four of us usually ate a kid sized plate for breakfast.




All in all, we enjoyed our stay at Pop and would definitely go back!  I’ll be back for Princess Race Weekend for my annual girls trip (and our collective 40th birthday celebration) real soon!!!!  If you have any questions about Pop, I’m happy to try and answer.


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2 thoughts on “Disney’s Pop Century Resort

  1. I agree that Pop is leaps and bounds above the All Stars. It and Art of Animation both, actually. I am a travel agent and always recommend it to my clients who are wanting a value for 4 people or less. My kids enjoyed the pool too! And I think their food court is one of the best resort food courts on property….after POR. Loving this trip report!

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