Magical Monday: The Boathouse at Disney Springs


When we popped down to Disney for an extra dose of Christmas magic last month, we were delighted to spend some time in the new Disney Springs.  Our passes were expired and we weren’t buying park tickets (other than the two night events) so this was the perfect place to explore during the day!  We walked right up to The Boathouse at Disney Springs for lunch without a reservation and waited about two minutes for a fabulous table on the dock.


The food was on the pricey side, but really delicious and generously portioned.  And the service and atmosphere made it just delightful all around.



The littles loved their kid’s meals served in amphicar baskets.



The Boathouse is home to a multi-million dollar fleet of nineteen spectacular dream boats from the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s. We had a great time walking the dock and admiring them.






Next time we are DEFINITELY taking one of the amphicar tours of Disney Springs!  I say that… but then there are SO many new things we want to try at Disney Springs :-)


The Boathouse
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6 thoughts on “Magical Monday: The Boathouse at Disney Springs

  1. We ate at The Boathouse in Oct. The atmosphere was so nice. We sat on the deck too and loved seeing all the action on the water. When we finished eating, we tried out the new gelato place right across from it. O.M. Gosh. No words for how delish it was!!! We did have to wait just about 15 mins for Boathouse, but we used to time to run in and check out the new Hangar Bar. Disney has totally upped their game on the redo of Disney Springs! I can’t wait go back and see what all is new since fall.

  2. Where is Disney Springs? Makes me think of Downtown Disney, we haven’t been to Orlando in a couple of years. Obviously we need to get back down there. Thanks for keeping us informed!

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